I…am so upset that naruto didn’t get cool hair. Everyone looks cooler with different hair! But poor poor naru chan gets…..cringe, sasuke still looks cooler! AAAAGH! no! naruto neeeeeds to look better. Sheesh! I was really hoping for some cool long hair or something, ya know? Something paying homage to his shishou jiraiya or his dad minato? But nooooooo.

noooo, he just-ugh! Anyway, if he has to have shorter hair, well he better damn well look cooler in it then! 

yeah, so I drew a cooler looking naruto with short hair…parted somewhat


of course, naruto will be smoking hot! Eventually! Well, he’s getting there now, but still! yeah! 

and then that’s him with his chidori scar…..his only scar?

and then a super sweet minato and naruto timetravel-makes-everything-better picture. 

there’s a lovely fic that inspired that doodle; Escape Artist by Fiorea on

. I had my reservations, but it’s a sweet and absolutely beautifully written piece. Definitely captured my heart

Read a really cute fanfic for naruto, normally I don’t really like oc inserts, but I gotta make an exception here, the story is sweet, witty and realistic. Absolutely adorable!!!!
It’s called Aberration by Rin o’ gen

Full Summary: The second Rae realized that no, she wasn’t dreaming, and yes, she was really in Konoha, in the days of Naruto’s childhood, she swore that she would not interfere. Even so, looking down at the eight-year-old Naruto before her, she couldn’t help but hold him close to her for the night. After all, neither of them had a home at the moment, and this was likely the last time she would ever see him, right? A more realistic OC-insert with no special abilities, no desire to interfere, and no choice at all in the matter.