Star City / April 28, 2015

So it was our general assembly in one of my orgs in school. We played family feud and I am proud to say that I made my group win the game. Hehehe. I am so good. Jk. So after that we stayed at my friend’s condo while waiting for the amusement park to open (4pm). We had our lunch and we watched the first two episodes of How to get away with murder’s season 1. We left the condo at around 3pm because we decided to avail SB’s promo of buy 1 take 1 for their summer drinks. I shared with Aina. We all ordered Dark Mocha with panna cotta. Then we went to Star City! I rode the surf dance, wild river/jungle splash, viking, bump car, blizzard, pirate adventure, ferris wheel and carousel. We also went to the horror houses. “Horror” houses. Surf dance was the worst of all. I just closed my eyes the whole ride. Then we had dinner. Our friend, Marc, treated us, Ash and me, at Greenwich hahaha! We had lasagna and pizza. Chas also bought some headbands for us. Lol. Then we wore it (even our only guy friend on the trip was forced to wear it haha) and asked one of the maintenance to take a photo of us. It was really fun especially if you are with th e best people. Too sad we were not complete.