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Going to finish this paper in the next hour or so. It rained this morning and it’s still cloudy now. I guess summer’s finally giving way to rain over here in Manila. This is the weather I’ve been waiting for–not enough to make me feel sleepy, and just the right cool to motivate me.

Special thanks to friends and colleagues who knew just what lovely school supplies and intellectual articles to give me ♥ 

“ Poof ”

Manila : Philippines

part of my “ Isolation “ series

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The sun is up and ready to be tilt. We were in a hurry to go to Batangas because it is three hours ride from Manila. I can still recall what I wore that day. I am in my white sleeveless dress with animal print in it and a skinny pants. I had this ragged outfit because we thought we will be going to Star City or Tagaytay. But, due to “change of mind” case, we ended up in Talisay, Batangas. Well, no regrets after all.

All of us were awed with the vastness of the forest before we reached Talisay. We even compared it to Baguio. I was sitting at the back and noticed that all of them were somehow tired or bored that they were sleeping. We arrived at exactly 11:30 in the morning. I took a deep breath and said “This is Summer. Hooray for Summer.” The clear water caught my attention and our tourist guide gave us our life jacket. We rode a boat and as usual, I preferred being in the backseat again. I dipped my hands in the water and played with it. And as usual, took a lot of photos. Estimated time of like half an hour, I thought we can already see this second most active volcano in the Philippines. But, I was wrong.

We took a horseback riding and paid five hundred pesos each for the horse. I admit, it was my first time riding a horse. 12 noon and the sun was really up. Everybody told me that I might have sunburn or my skin will not be the same but I said, “it is part of enjoying life.” Vendors asked me to buy their hat but I neglected them. I was already in my horse named as Mina and started kicking. Ten steps or fifteen, I guess, this old man asked me to buy his hat and said “Ading, para lang may pangkain.” My heart melted and said “Magkano po Lo? “ He answered back, “Bente lang ito.” I gave him fifty pesos and he asked my guide to wait for awhile for the change but I said “ Wag na po, pangdagdag man lang sa pagkain niyo po.” And, he smiled back. My horse, me and Ate (Insert name of my guide here) went throught. More likely, 5 kilometers or less before we reach the real peak – where we can see the crater and the beautiful blessing of God. With this, I took the chance to interview my guide. She told me that the P450.00 is for the owner of the horse and the P50.00 is for them.And then, I realized how difficult their life there was.

Finally, the long wait was over. We were already in the top to see the crater of the Taal Volcano. And then, I remember the movie of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla (Crazy Beautiful You) when DJ said “A beautiful disaster.” In the place, there were vendors of souvenir materials, too. And a lot of photographers who took pictures to the tourists and sell it.

After an hour, we already decided to go down because we already heard our tummy. Ate waved her hand and I already said goodbye to a one of a wonderful place I’ve been. after mostly 30minutes ride in the horse, I shook my head and said my warmest thank you to Ate and gave her a tip.

I realized how people there were so good and approachable there. It was so good and worth the experience to see the crater and the beauty of Taal Volcano.

May I hear your summer experience, too?


Weekend Getaway in Anvaya Cove

First thing I did when I landed back in the Philippines was head straight for the beach! Nothing like 30 degree weather and extreme humidity to welcome me back home. 

I spent the weekend with my family in Anvaya Cove where we hiked, kayaked, swam, tanned, and surprisingly, worked out. After being away from my family for the past 4 months it was a great chance for us to catch up and spend quality time with each other. My parents even played a game of Cards Against Humanity with us (not really recommended haha), but we had fun nonetheless.

2 shades darker and 4 mango shakes later…it’s good to be back!

♡ Pam T.

Yesterday’s Lunch
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I’ve been hearing about this #BringYouTubersToManila campaign for a few months. What’s so special about Manila!? Let’s find out in today’s new NathanAndRose video!

Fleeting Youth: I miss the time when I was so excited with what the world has to offer. I had big dreams but was also happy with my simple life. I am now back where I started and I feel that this is the chance to regain the motivation and optimism I used up in the past years. I had a taste of experiences I can only imagine when I was a student but now, it’s time to bring back the raw perspective I had and get back on the direction I want for myself. I am still figuring things out but now, more than ever, I am not letting go of my daydreams.