Help a disabled trans man stay afloat

I hate to do this, but I need help. My name is Thresh, and I’m a 21 year old disabled trans teen. Recently my state has deemed me “No longer disabled” and is taking away my disability. I’ve been medically diagnosed with PTSD from my abusive family and past events, Manic depression, Panic disorder, Anxiety disorder, Borderline personality disorder, Bipolar, and schizophrenia. Coupled with a few learning disorders, These disabilitys make it impossible for me to function in society, and get a job. Making my Disability my only income. Currently I’ve hired a lawyer who, if we win, will only take $6000 or %25 of “past due benefits”. You heard that right. Until this is settled I’ll have No money coming in every month. None. That means I’ll be unable to pay my bills.

 Thats where tumblr comes in. The bare minimum I need to survive every month is my rent and electric. I can visit food pantys and soup kitchens to eat. I can forgoe my phone and internet, if I have to. I just need to pay my rent, so I dont end up on the street, and my electric bill. My apartment covers water and trash. All I need are those two bills. Realistically, we’re talking $635 dollars PER MONTH. My rent, monthly, is $535 dollars. My electric averages $100. (lower, in the summer if i keep my AC off and my fans on) but please, tumblr. Please, I need help.

I am willing to give out personal information if it remains private. My paypal is if you want to donate there. Please, please tumblr I’m begging you help me. This “appeal” for my benefits could go on for A WHOLE YEAR. I need help.


I’m re-posting this into the tag, because “raising trans awarness” should also mean “help trans people stay alive.” right? 


I feel a bit down, so I decided to draw this.. If there is anyone in the world that I know gives my heart that good jump start it’s this man. There are too many times in a day when I feel annoying, useless, stupid, and like I’m a waste of space.. After many years of hearing all that from a parent and so called friends, I didn’t know who to trust anymore and I became cold. I stopped believing when people told me such positive things and now I deal with manic depression and PTSD that is hard to come over..There were many days that I thought of ways to die that I never told anyone about, days I questioned why I woke up in the morning..I feel like a porcelain doll shattered and only one person in person that helps understand where I come from and tries to help me, but there is only so much he can do. I have my internet friends that are more friends to me than anyone else I met in person and I call them family and they will forever be part of who I am. And then there’s Mark.. Never met him, never talked to him, but I don’t have to have that to be happy.. I watch his videos when he sits and thanks us for everything, when I sit there and cry tears of joy because he’s changed my life. Before I watched his videos I attempted suicide and almost succeed. I would have died of an overdose of anti-depressants. To this day, Markiplier is my hero. You saved me. Thank you.

demonofyourdreams paranoctis chromasexual mistered03 markiplier stickydoona takeo-s and ineptreindeer I can always count on you..

I don’t even think Mark would either see this or even reblog it, but I don’t mind. I got my voice out there..