Can I just say what total bollocks it is that when you first talk to Anders after his recruitment mission, he either outright flirts with you if you’re femHawke and states he likes men if you’re manHawke, and the dialogue options afforded are similar - but the femHawke responses are all flirty ones?

With manHawke, you can say you hadn’t considered it, and it’s not an inherently flirty comment - he just tells you that he’d give you time to consider it if you want to. Not only that, but this dialogue only turns up if you’ve already flirted with him?

With femHawke, selecting the option “it’s unexpected” in response to his flirting - the closest femHawke has to the “I’ve never thought about it” option that manHawke has - has Hakwe actually SAY “That’s doesn’t mean I want you to stop,” which just opens up more dialogue from Anders saying about how you shouldn’t get romantically involved with him. The only way to NOT flirt with him in this scenario is to outright tell him no.

Like say what you will about Anders being too aggressive in his flirting with femHawke, it is pretty true - but I’m more frustrated at the game giving us the player very little options otherwise. Literally out of three dialogue options, two of them were flirtatious and the other one was presented as a “lmao fuck off” kind of rejection. Magpies and I ended up flirting with him by accident because I had no idea why what a neutral option with manHawke was now a flirty option with femHawke, because we didn’t want to put him down too harshly, and because what Hawke actually said was NOT what the text implied. That the scene was written like that is just kind of bad writing tbh.