My Lovable Fatty

I hopped on this shit quicker than a dog to a bone. Y’all fat people in manga is unheard of and if they do exist it is only as comic relief or to shame someone. The last time I read a manga about a fat person it was just about her losing weight : /

Holy Grail, right?

Fucking wrong

Trigger warnings: suicide, depression, bullying, abuse, domestic emotional abuse, fatphobia. FATPHOBIA

and like I wish those triggers were there cause it was a touching journey. No. No. Literally the first page is her trying to kill herself. Like thanks for that? Everyone bullies her including her only “friend”. She finds pills that make her “beautiful”. Which was really annoying cause she became blond and skinny with double eyelids fold.So like the colorism is rampant. The author was trying to say that she should love the way she is, but like, went about entirely wrong. EVERYONE is abusive. except her parents, her “friend’s” mom and a few adults. I’m not sure if this series is completed but omg. Just I can’t believe I got through. I want to whisk her away and tell her she’s beautiful and she doesn’t need abusive lovers in her life but ugh.

Please read at your own risk. 1/5