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Nero, dear. It is I, your dear mother. Have you been doing well? I see you are summoned as a Heroic Spirit. I do hope that you are defeating your enemies, and being the best Servant a Master could wish for. It would make your mother oh so proud.

“M-mother?” No, it could not be. She is dead. “Aye, I am doing mine best. It would not be respectable for the Caesar to doth otherwise.” She replied with a shaky voice.

Feeling her head turning heavy and aching, Nero looked at the general direction where the voice was coming from. Of course there was nothing there, but she still could not stop the headache, and the faint feeling of hysteria that she had not felt for a long time. How could she be here?


Finally Kinokuniya Chicago has TG merchandise beyond the manga and pixiv artist stuff! My final selection was the last image. I was horribly indecisive… The pin is the “trés bien” pic. I would’ve been happy with any except the huffing one, really, haha. The hanging charm is a phone screen cleaner and it’s squishy (kinda like 3D/bubble stickers) I love that sensation.

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the signs as weeaboos
  • aries:the "i know anything and everything about any anime that ever existed" weeaboo
  • taurus:the all-around weeaboo
  • gemini:the picky weeaboo
  • cancer:the kawaii desu ne neko-chan senpai weeaboo
  • leo:the closet weeaboo
  • virgo:the weeaboo fluent in japanese
  • libra:the professional cosplaying weeaboo
  • scorpio:the weeaboo still in the XD phase
  • sagittarius:the hipster weeaboo
  • capricorn:the kiss kiss fall in love weeaboo
  • aquarius:not a weeaboo
  • pisces:the weeaboo that only watches sad anime