Drew these a few years ago when I first got illustrator to practice how to vector. MLP stuff I have drawn in the past is getting popular again, so decided to upload these lil gals here. You have no idea how many folders I had to go through to find the files guys. The fluttershy file has been lost in the 300 gb mess of my art folder, so had to yoink that from my DA.  Pinky I had originally drawn in a gala dress as well, but I never finished that because it just looked terrible- so 80′s cafe…thing for her. Funny enough, the Pinky Pie one is forever hanging up on a wall at my old college and the only one of these that I still like. 

More pony! The last one for now (I think)

Actually this is just an excuse to draw Fluttershy as adorable hippie. I know AJ wouldn’t wear a dress while working on a farm, but she’s just hanging out with her friends on a summer day! (I think she’s the easiest to humanize but the hardest to make up an outfit for that isn’t too stereotypical.)


Each one of us has something special that makes us different, that makes us rare! We have a light that shines within us that we were always meant to share. And when we come together, combine the light that shines within, there is nothing we can’t do, there is no battle we can’t win! When we come together, there will be a star to guide the way, it’s inside us every day.




Get your hooves up, party’s starting out right now
Everypony, everypony get down
Time to make a wish, better make it right now
It’s been a year and today is your birthday party
Make a wish, it’s your birthday
Make a wish, it’s your birthday party
Make a wish, it’s your birthday
Make a wish, it’s your birthday party~~~~