Just One Last Thing (ok 3 last things):

1:  I chilled out, heated up and took a bath with one of my sister’s bath bombs.  She makes the most amazing natural bath and body products and I absolutely LOVE the bath bombs.  You can check her out at Riverhouse Bath and Body

2.  Robbie, I never want to go back to those days.  I just would like that “feeling” of being able to disconnect from my “challenges” not permanently, just for a week of mini putt putt, indoor kiddie pools and copious amounts of cheap beer.  

3.  Shout out to Mandy is Dandy!!!  She is officially my 300th follower. I think that’s cool, but what the eff do I know? 

Soft Boiled Eggs" courtesy of Mandyisdandy

Boil a pot of water high enough to cover the eggs. Once the water is boiling, put in the eggs for exactly 6 minutes. Immediately run eggs under cold water until they are cool enough to crack and peel.

Mmm! This recipe is as awesome as she is.

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May 31 Lunch: Prosciutto, Summer Kale, and Bell Peppers

Today’s lunch was a success! I love prosciutto and have never thought of eating it for a lunch item but why not? It’s like eating a ham sandwich, but without the bread right? 

I was actually inspired by Mandy’s blog. Yummo. I was going to do snacks, but it ended up more like a standard lunch plate instead. Happiness.

Daily Things:

Got this from Mandy (mandyisdandy)

  • OBSESSING OVER My new Lorac TANtalizer duo (contour and highlight duo for $12.. hello), some Ikea furniture that I want to purchase for my “make up” area in our room, and all things Costco (fucking love this store!).
  • WORKING ON making a meal plan. SO over being SO over. Also - working on some notes to help me stay focused and not dependent at my new job.
  • ANTICIPATING planning a girls trip with my girlfriends that I have been friends with since I was 10… thinking wine tasting in Napa? YES.
  • THINKING ABOUT ff how great I was at having a healthy lifestyle. It’s so lame. Looking through my old blog posts makes me realize how amazing I was at it. Story of my life.
  • REGRETTING Cutting my hair a few months ago. I want long, healthy, thick hair with volume :(
  • READING Nothing yet. I need to start reading more books!
  • DRINKING nothing.
  • EATING nothing. SO boring I know lol.
  • WISHING I would just dye my hair blonde already.
  • TALKING TO (in person) my lovely husband.
  • WATCHING TV currently on pause.