i’ve been addicted to starbound recently, so i just had to draw some! i’m in love with the floran, they’re like cute plant vorcha or something idk i just love those little flower friends.

the top left one is my character and the right one is my friend maia’s character! and on the bottom is just some random floran doodles idk 

i drew whitney bcus she’s my favourite villager of all time. i like coming up with backstories for my villagers and i’ve always imagined that whitney was one of those shy, awkward girls who never really got pretty until college. she still has poor self image and latches on to her old hobbies like reading and playing video games for comfort. most of the other villagers think she’s a high class model or something when really she’s still just the same shy and awkward pup she’s been since high school.

voted most likely to succeed in high school bcus she’s a big nerd

ive been having a hell of a time with my meds recently, and my life has just been all over the place leading to me feeling really really off. i made this little comic thing the other night to try and express how i’ve been feeling since im not very good with words and i kinda like how it came out.


my second favourite race, the hilotyl! i always tend to love the most alien of alien races but the one thing that bugs me about the hilotyl is that they have a really cool design but… their culture is literally just stereotypical eastern asian-esque stuff. i mean that’s cool and all but i wanted to try and take a more unique spin on it.

i still kept the asian influence, but also tried adding a bit of alien flair to it so they feel more you know, alien. also at the bottom is what i imagine their full body looks like or something idk ill make a separate post about headcanons.


here’s some various selections from my sketchbook, mostly concepts for my sUPER SECRET project. i have a massive affinity for vaguely alien creatures and cutesy characters interacting with them. 

i think i have a couple more that coudn’t fit in this stupid photoset.


some various conceptual sketches for one of the various races from my project, the altain.

the giant dudes are a seperate race, more like a less intelligent genetic offshoot bUT ill spare the lore for now.