New IRS rule: Businesses are not allowed to say that they laid off employees because of Obamacare


It could be stated, without hyperbole, that this should be considered outrageous by every American, regardless of political leanings. Hidden in all the hullabaloo surrounding the unconstitutional move by President Obama to literally rewrite existing law by picking and choosing how he will enforce it, is the fact that the IRS will now require businesses to swear, under threat of perjury, that any downsizing they might have had to do throughout the year was not due to Obamacare…even if it was. Un. Be. Lievable.

From Fox News:

Is the latest delay of ObamaCare regulations politically motivated? Consider what administration officials announcing the new exemption for medium-sized employers had to say about firms that might fire workers to get under the threshold and avoid hugely expensive new requirements of the law. Obama officials made clear in a press briefing that firms would not be allowed to lay off workers to get into the preferred class of those businesses with 50 to 99 employees. How will the feds know what employers were thinking when hiring and firing? Simple. Firms will be required to certify to the IRS – under penalty of perjury – that ObamaCare was not a motivating factor in their staffing decisions. To avoid ObamaCare costs you must swear that you are not trying to avoid ObamaCare costs. You can duck the law, but only if you promise not to say so.

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Let’s sum this up. Obamacare forces individuals and companies to provide costly health insurance for their employees. Any company not doing this will be penalized, er, “taxed” for non-compliance. This mandated insurance purchase, which has already begun for individuals, was supposed to have already started for companies too, but was unconstitutionally delayed twice by Obama (remember, he’s not a king. He doesn’t get to even change a misplaced comma in a law passed by Congress).

The problem, however, is that the administration knew for a fact (it is an unavoidable fact) that businesses were going to adjust their hiring and firing to minimize the damage done by the new Obamacare penalties and regulations just like they do for every other government regulation and tax. And since companies that employ between 50 and 99 people will be exempt from the penalty for another year, they have a huge incentive to keep the number of people they employ at under 100. In other words, if a company employs 99 people, they would be crazy to hire anyone because they would then be subject to all the regulations, taxes and other red tape that accompanies Obamacare. Similarly, if a company employs, say, 106 people, that company has a massive incentive to fire 7 people in order to get its number of employees below the arbitrary 100 mark.

Businesses must consider taxes and regulations when making financial decisions. This should be obvious to even the most economic illiterate among us. But here’s the rub, the Obama administration doesn’t want Obamacare blamed for the high unemployment rate and lingering sluggish economy…even though it IS to blame. So they came up with a wonderfully awful plan to avoid this: don’t allow businesses to say that Obamacare was the reason they fired/did’t hire employees…even if it was the reason. If this isn’t totalitarianism, I don’t know what is. The government hands down burdensome regulations to companies and forces them to lie about how it affects them. Joseph Stalin himself couldn’t have thought of a better solution to this problem.

I honestly don’t know how even the most ardent Obama supporter could possibly defend this.

A piece I wrote in March about Hobby Lobby and the contraceptive mandate is featured on xoJane today. Check it out!

An excerpt:

"Your boss doesn’t get to dictate what you do with your paycheck, whether it’s buying groceries, donating it all to orphans, or splurging it on hookers and blow.

Your boss might take issue with you buying pork because he’s Jewish, donating it to orphans because she thinks they’re godless, or on the hookers and blow because that’s not very Christian of you. However, your bosses would be ridiculed for thinking they have the right to tail you to make sure you’re spending YOUR money in accordance with their faith, right? There’s not much difference here. Set aside that the insurance is not directly offered by Hobby Lobby, or that they could pay taxes/penalties instead of lawyers and legal fees by kicking everyone onto the exchange, thereby taking away their supposed moral conundrum. Spoiler alert: HEALTH BENEFITS ARE COMPENSATION FOR YOUR LABOR. Why would you think for one second that your boss gets to dictate what you do with your compensation?”

Key among the themes that will prove to be the hallmarks of the year: integration, alignment and visibility. Marketers are looking to bind the individual tactical execution elements that have come to represent a host of randomly selected activities into a fully integrated multi-channel strategy around business goals that drive business forward. That, however, is not enough. The organization has to be transformed as well. Every process has to revolve around consumers and customers not departments within the company.

overshare generation

There’s a new girl in the office next door and it’s awkward every time I see her because I was never introduced to her since she started on a day I wasn’t at work. She replaces the lady who left after like three weeks and I wasn’t introduced to her either because she started on a day I wasn’t at work. I’m afraid to miss any more time, I won’t know anyone.

I was tagged on Facebook and did one of those “facts about you things” and now I realize why I don’t share anything with people I know. I’m sticking to Tumblr. I threw you guys a subversive bone, too, just for the crossover folks.

The cops showed up at our pirate party. Excessive noise. Someone brought a cannon, and we fired it off. It’s not a pirate party without a cannon. It’s not a party until the cops show up. Between someone getting sick one night and a visit from the police the next, we very nearly hit the weekend party trifecta. I’m not sure what the third thing would be, but it gives us goals and aspirations for the future.

I tried to watch Green Lantern the other night. I have no idea what they were trying to put on the screen. I can’t say I hated it, and I feel the need to revisit it, maybe finish it and study this glorious, disastrous spectacle.

It’s feels like going-to-get-a-Christmas-tree weather. I think I’m finally ready for the white stuff when it comes. Yesterday, I was playing basketball in a t-shirt and today feels like snow. What ya gonna do?

I have to take both daughters to the dentist today. This is going to take up my whole afternoon. The company will probably hire someone while I’m gone. And it will be awkward.

I can handle today with or without caffeine though because tonight I’m going to see Elvis Costello. My friend who took me to see Dr. John scored us cheap tickets and tonight we’re going out to grab a bite and have a few drinks and see Elvis Costello. That sounds like a date. Fine, it’s a date, a man date, and it’s gonna be awesome. It’s Elvis Costello.

Kill ObamaCare! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!

Republicans want to kill ‘ObamaCare.”

After all, what could be more sick and perverted than trying to set up a plan for national health care?

This court decision, imo, might certainly help do it and certainly help Republicans jump up and down on the President’s grave — Alas….the courts make a point that appears to merit valid considerations.

But this Republican pulling apart of the country has nothing to do with ‘valid considerations,’ but arousing passions of hate: Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!

Kill ObamaCare!! Eat raw red meat. Bomb Iran. God Bless America! We Love Our Banks. Crush the unions! Let’s get it on!

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The Earth Mandate


During my meandering college days, I once crossed path with a siddha yogi. He offered me a kind of initiation of sorts, a mandate for existence. And now I offer it to you. 

We are here because the Earth wants us here. Life requires a very specific kind of environment in order to survive and evolve. Life is a phenomenon that emerges when the right balance of ingredients come together. The right distance from the sun, the right amount of oxygen in the air, the right ratio of salt in the ocean, etc. 

We exist because everything is right in this world. 

It is only when we start looking for a reason to exist from a culture or society or other people that we open ourselves to suffering and insecurity. Look around. We are all hairless apes in suits and dresses playing out an amnesiac drama. Take a moment to laugh, because it’s pretty funny when you think about and acknowledge that. 

The human game is amusing. It isn’t bad or good; nature leaves nothing to be improved upon. The game is for fun. If we can innovate and provide aid to those in need, wonderful. But there is no winning or losing; it’s all just organic chemistry playing around. 

Shift your mandate, your raison d’être, from something describable in words to an awareness of your interdependence with nature. You are nature. 

When Buddha was grilled about his new state of Being, and about his reason for still being here, he simply touched the ground in response. The cosmos thrummed in reply.

Touch the earth and let go of everything else. 

Namaste, sangha.