**This is not directed at anyone but more of a vent to explain the picture**

So many times I’m struggling and no one knows. Not because I’m faking a smile. I can be telling someone how upset I am, yet I still feel like they don’t fully understand. Because I’m not relapsing and I’m not turning to self-destructive behaviors, people think I’m okay. But just because I may not have scars anymore doesn’t mean I don’t feel pain like when I had them. It doesn’t mean that I’m suddenly better because I’m not relapsing. People don’t see the inside. That some days I want to give up. Some days I don’t want to fight anymore. But they don’t see it because my pain isn’t “as bad as it could be…I could be hurting myself” but what about hurting myself mentally? That counts too. And honestly sometimes that happens more than people think. This is not me saying that I’m more important than people who are hurting themselves physically, but more focused on the fact that I’m not any less important than them.

So don’t assume that just cause someone’s wrists are clean that they aren’t hurting. They could be.