A real life update

So this year is the big 30 year and in stereotypical style I’ve signed myself up to run the Manchester 10k in May (along with lots of experienced runners and perhaps a few 30yearoldcrisis runners like myself)

This time last year I didn’t run. At all. So it’s a huge thing for me that I’ve been able to build up my fitness level to run 5k over the last 6 months. I’ve even managed to join a gym and conquer my fears of exercising in front of others. Hopefully over the next 5 months I won’t bore the interwebs to death with tales of my training but I probably will talk about it a bit on here. Apologies!

Day 36 Pt 2

So I went for a gait test. I ran on the treadmill for a few minutes in a pair of asics mid support and cushioning shoes and the guy videoed my foot’s position and movement. This was followed by the words “I’ve never seen such a high overpronation angle. If you carry on without structured running shoes for support your ankle will snap” Hearing and seeing this was 1. Disturbing for me because I have been causing myself injury for so long and 2. Relief. I now knew what I had to get trainer wise to help me stay uninjured and prepare fully for the race. A purchase of one of the most supportive shoes on the market and it’s safe to say once I get my new shoes, nothing can stop me. 

Day 36

After a day or two off. I decided a short slow paced run would help get me back on track. Within the first 5 minutes I was in agony with my shins, I can hardly walk. After an hour in the bath, I’ve decided its best to get my gait checked, to see why I keep getting bad shins.

Day 24 - 33

Training has been hard to come by recently. Been busy with university and seeing family and I travelled down to London to see the love of my life for a nice chilled weekend. Back on it this week and going hard the next couple of weeks

Day 23 Pt 2

Pushing for 6km in training today. Was doing so well until some stupid bint nearly ran me over because she didn’t indicate at a junction. Safe to say some abusive language and signals were thrown her way but my mood and energy to finish the run had gone. Lesson from this. I can’t run when I’m annoyed. 4.75km done for training today. Gym session tonight and a shed load of stretching. Please donate at justgiving.com/LEOPLEVIN

British Heart Foundation

The British Heart Foundation is a brilliant charity that supports and helps millions of people with heart related illness every year. The research they carry out is providing a better and healthier future for everyone. Their research looks into faster and more accurate treatments of conditions as well as educating the population to keep their hearts healthy.

I have chosen to run the Manchester 10k because I wanted to challenge myself to do it, I have never run any kind of distance before and thought it would be a good thing to work towards, and running for charity means that I can raise money for a charity thats is close to me.

Heart related illness and heart attacks have been very close to my family and me throughout my life so far. So supporting the British Heart Foundation means that the money raised can help fund treatment, research and development for everyone that needs help now, and for people that may need help in the future.