Dame Sarah Storey gave a commendable performance on Saturday, as she aimed to beat the Hour Record as previously set by Leontien Van Moorsel over ten years ago. Unfortunately, Storey came short by 563 metres. The Bikmo Plus team and photographer Matt Grayson were down to report on the heroic performance.

hello! this month is gonna be pretty crazy and exciting for us, with six shows in five states including a lil weekend tour going through philly, pgh and akron. then less than a week later we’ve got our record/tape release back home at theives grotto (more details about that awesome gig coming soon). hope to see all our friends and make new ones! thanks to everyone who helped book a show, we’re thrilled with how month is turning out for us! more info about the shows and event pages coming soon.

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Manchester Gallery Reconnects with Its Surroundings

For more photos from Manchester’s Whitworth Art Gallery, explore the location page and browse the #galleryinthepark hashtag.

A 125-year-old gallery in Manchester, UK, has reopened its doors to the public after a $23 million renovation. The Whitworth Art Gallery (@whitworthart) has been expanded and redesigned to reconnect with its surrounding parkland, and is welcoming visitors back with a new exhibition led by British contemporary artist Cornelia Parker.

“It’s great to see how it’s been transformed into an even more exciting place for the public,” says Manchester photographer Zuza Grubecka (@zuza_g), who stopped by the gallery on its opening weekend. Zuza mixes portrait photos with her documentation of daily life from Manchester, as well as her native Poland. “Manchester and its post-industrial architecture is a perfect background. There are a lot of secret passages and abandoned areas which make you feel like an explorer in your own city.”