I reckon I’d better apologize for having been so absent on here for so long.

I have good reasons, I swear.  The main one is that, as it transpires, Giles and I are moving to Manchester in a few weeks.  (No, honestly.)  I’ve got a job writing and editing; he has a work visa and is looking for work; we’ve booked flights and everything.  Come October, we’ll be living in Manchester.  Pretty cool, eh?

Well, if we can find a flat, that is.  Wish us luck, because it appears to be practically impossible to house-hunt from overseas…

“Azt hittem, olyan lesz, mint a Donnie Darkóban” – The 1975-interjú

A The 1975 tagjai a világ majdnem minden országában jártak már, a lányok szó szerint összeverekednek a koncertjeiken, de egy Nr.1 debütáló lemez után is úgy érzik, még mindig ugyanaz a manchesteri szobazenekar, mint évekkel ezelőtt. Matty Healy, a banda frontembere szigetes koncertjük előtt mesélt nekünk többek közt arról, hogy a sikerre még mindig úgy tekint, mint arra a bizonyos Donnie Darko-effektusra… Nem fura.


This is for the anon again, this is the second time when I met 5sos. Bearing in mind this time was a lot more rushed and the security was a dick to me resulting in not all my albums being signed but they were still so genuinely nice and shocked by how much I had spent on the album.