You know how they say a photographer leaving their camera home is a crime? Well yeah, I kind of felt that way when I saw this protest, about the Homelessness in Manchester. Since all I had was my mobile phone, so I am sorry they are not great.

However I hope they still can raise some awareness about the issue. So if you can boost their page book page, or do anything on that list. Then please do! 

Since it is a huge problem in Manchester, I have noticed it is a growing problem and when you see these people you can tell the things they have with them is all they own in the world. That with their blankets and sleeping bags they are them trying to make a little home with any where with even a little covering. You can often stand by one homeless person and see another. Like who do you help? It is so hard because these people have lost everything they once had.

They are just average everyday people like your or me, not the stereotyped homeless person on drugs, are drunk etc. That person could have have been easily anyone, it is not right the system has failed them so they have lost everything. Both men and women on the streets. Happy for anything your can spare and not just money.

Sometimes you get promotional free samples in Manchester from companies, which can be really good because people will give them to homeless people (although the promoters often don’t). Once it happened to be tubs of butter, and I saw a homeless man just eating it, because well it was food.

This never should have happened to them, but it has. We are meant to be a society that is caring, and looks after the more vulnerable members. I do also think a society is judged on how it takes care of it’s most vulnerable. I think right now, we are just not good enough. We should be better.    


So I went to Manchester yesterday and I saw a bus with the pitch perfect thing on it and I almost dropped my phone out of the window as I tried to take a picture of it. Also we got lost in the lift and when we got to one of the floors I saw the poster out of the corner of my eye and I screamed and ran into the lift door which was in the middle of closing. I’m not obsessed. I promise.

Review: Hozier @ Albert Hall, Manchester. 25th May, 2015. 

Occasionally you can hear a song in a shop or on the radio and think ‘I’m not really sure what that was, but I liked it.’

That was exactly my reaction when I first heard Hozier’s Take Me Church.

It is an oddity as a 'pop’ song with it’s dark sound and even darker lyrical content.

But it has charged it’s way to the top of the charts as it’s creator takes the world by storm.

So there was much expectation when the young singer songwriter walked on stage at the Albert Hall tonight.

And the Irishman did not disappoint with a performance which left all those lucky enough to have got a ticket -spellbound.

It was slightly ironic that the backdrop was a renovated Wesleyan chapel, where the religion his smash hit so strongly rallies against, was once practised.

But he certainly didn’t seem to mind.

“What a beautiful venue. This is only the second time I’ve played in Manchester and it’s amazing” he says with his every mention of the Emerald Isle being greeted with huge cheers suggesting he had a fair amount of home support.

So it’ll be no surprise to hear that this was a fun-filled evening.

Despite his songs tackling subjects as deep and wide ranging as catholic guilt, and the discovery of two dead bodies, he has array of tunes which you can’t resist clapping your hands and tapping your feet to.

The unbelievably catchy Someone New, which Hozier says was “tragically co-written by an ex-girlfriend” is a prime example.

There is also a strong element of Blues to his sound with Jackie and Wilson having an air of deep south Rock N Roll, a la Black Keys, about it.

But also his songs have a bedrock of soul giving them the remarkable ability to be heartbreaking and uplifting at the same time.

He was helped in this regard by his excellent band, particularly cellist Alana Henderson, and you could have heard a pin drop during the likes of To Be Alone.

But the moment everyone had been waiting for came just before the encore

Take Me to Church is undoubtedly a masterpiece and he did well to recreate it’s brooding intensity on the stage as the crowd belted every word back at him.

There was time for a bit of karaoke with his cover of Amerie’s 1 Thing before Work Song sent everyone home happy.

This boy is going places.

Btw thank you all for the replies, and messages, I’ve received about places to visit in Northern England, and England as a whole! I’ve been to London, and spent more time in the south, which is why I hope to explore the north more while I’m there, but I hope to see as much of England as I can! Based off of the replies and messages received, I hope to visit Yorkshire, the Lake District, Liverpool, Cheshire, and maybe Newcastle as well, although that’s a bit further away than the other four places. Excited to see as much of England, north, south, and the midlands, as I can! Plan on going back to Scotland and over to Ireland again as well! xxxx


Brandon Flowers - Diggin’ Up The Heart (Manchester Academy, 24 May 2015)

Yes, you heard right at 1:21 :) He’s having so much fun! Ugh! Love it!

Thanks to my Lisa for finding this ily. xx


such an amazing gig. he wore my favourite jacket. he did jilted. bernard sumner came on to sing with him. he forgot the words to read my mind. he looked right at me as he sang “i don’t shine if you don’t shine”. he came out afterwards to do an acoustic version of the way it’s always been with benji for a group of us who were waiting for him to come out. he tried to do a mancunian accent. he went and stood between danielle and erica during the read my mind harmonies. he was just so happy and pumped and in the zone and i’m just so proud.