The first thing you find out when yer dog learns to talk is that dogs don’t got nothing much to say. About anything.

The other day I was stuck waiting for someone in a bookstore for an hour (not something I was unhappy about) and I ended up starting on Patrick Ness’ Chaos Walking trilogy. I only got a third of the way into the first book, but I was hooked from the first line, as quoted above. It has a great premise and all my favourite epic themes (like, children in peril, this picture is pretty lighthearted but the story isn’t) and the protagonist’s first-person voice is really unique. Need to get my hands on copies so I can continue reading.

Bluh lazy non-backgrounds it’s a weekday and I’m tired

Chaos Walking : A summary
  • Manchee:Poo Todd?
  • Todd:No Manchee, eff off ( tho I don’t say eff)
  • Aaron:Todd you little shit
  • Todd:Apples
  • Aaron:No.
  • Ben&Cillian:Hey Todd, get out, It’s time.
  • Todd:Time for what?
  • Ben&Cillian:Here this book will explain.
  • Todd:But I can’t rea-
  • Ben&Cillian:YOU’LL LEARN
  • Viola:
  • Todd:No.
  • Aaron:Hey gurl
  • Todd:Wut?
  • Viola:* Screaming *
  • Aaron:Todd kill me.
  • Todd:Ew, no.
  • Todd&Viola:* Walking *
  • Todd&Viola:*Trekking*
  • Todd&Viola:* Running*
  • Todd&Viola:* Emotional Tension *
  • Todd&Viola:* Running *
  • Todd:Bridge!
  • Viola:I know what I’m doing.
  • Box:* EXPLODES *
  • Viola:Viola
  • Todd&Viola:Running
  • Todd&Viola:* More Emotional Tension *
  • Manchee:* Dead*
  • EVERYONE:*cries*
  • Todd&Viola:*Running*
  • Aaron:Hey Gurl HEY.
  • Todd&Viola:No.
  • Viola:I KILL YOU.
  • Aaro:Damn.
  • Davy Prentiss JR:Sorry not sorry.
  • Mayor Prentiss:Did you miss me?
  • F.I.N

Some time ago (like 2 or 3 months) Liv, this girl right here —> tophbeithong was awful enough to share some pain with me and introduced me to Chaos Walking….  even though I’m still crying over the first book, I loved it! (thanks again!! :D haha )  So, naturally I had to draw some of it!

Todd, Viola and Manchee! (yup I imagine Manchee as a schnauzer! :P )