Boruto: Naruto The Movie - First Trailer (English Sub) - Boruto: Naruto the Movie” would be the first in-depth introduction to Boruto for most Naruto anime fans (manga fans will get to read “Naruto: Gaiden” this month). That said, the “Boruto” movie’s tagline, “That’s tacky, crappy old man,” is already a very interesting clue to Boruto’s personality. Besides Boruto, we will get to see Sasuke and Sakura’s daughter Salada Uchiha as well. “Boruto: Naruto the Movie” arrives on August 7! More upcoming trailers

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Dear person I hate

OOOOH, original~

Dear person I loath,

You will pay for the pain and suffering you had made me go through in my life, I promise you that. You, will not go on living much longer after I had set my eyes upon you now that I know you are close.

Your blood will be the only thing that will ever stain my sword.

But I might as well thank you too, for making me as strong as I am today.

If you hadn’t done what you did, I might have not become the person I am today. My vengeful pride is the thing that had led my way towards my being today, and that is all thanks to you. So thank you, for making me this way, and leading yourself to a death worse than all.