The best thing is that you’re living your dream. It doesn’t feel like a job. It’s not 9-5 and it’s what I always wanted to do. I get to put on the clothes - metaphorically speaking - of all these different people and live another life… (Colin Morgan Interview for Hunger Magazine 5th May 2015)

so after seeing that Harry was #3 on Heat’s Hottest Hunks of 2015, I decided to check out the rest of the list and let me tell you, it was a pitiful collection of almost entirely white men. Allow me to offer a few men I think should have made the list:

Idris Elba:

Morris Chestnut:

Boris Kodjoe:

Godfrey Gao:

Andre Benjamin:

Jon Kortajarena:

Taye Diggs:

Jesse Williams:

Sendhil Ramamurthy:

Nathan Owens:

and Trey Songz:

To everyone taking their exams:

Don’t worry, you’re awesome, smart and you can get through this, and if you’re ever in doubt, think of Misha Collins in that navy suit with his bluer than blue eyes, that luscious brown hair, his perfect face, that tie that matches his eyes, the way that suit fits his body and I’ve forgotten where I was going with this

The man with the IRL fetish rubs himself up against the exposed brick wall of a loft in order to feel something. At 5 PM he makes a show of “logging off,” heads out into into the world where he aims to cop a feel of the authentic. At the coffee shop, he looks over the spine of a print edition, cruising for communal table frotteurism. But there’s no sex in the cold brew room, just a pay-per-view affair with a barista who asks his name only to label his cup. He empties his wallet, chasing a form of intimacy only incidentally concerned with people or communication, rock hard for the trappings of the scene instead: the cozy light of an Edison bulb, a gonzo view of flatware arranged neatly on a farm table, the money shot of a poached egg blowing its load into a tanned mound of potatoes. At night, he strokes himself to a Kinfolk centerfold while his girlfriend whispers in his ear, “N E V E R T W E E T.”

Mega Man Magazine May 2015 Cover Story

Photography: Shaira Luna
Assisted by Lance Luna
Text by Sarah Santiago (@sarahmrs)
Creative Director: Suki Salvador (@sukisalvador)
Art director: Kit Singson (@kitsingson)
Assisted by: Jann Pascua(@jannpascua)
Styling: Angelo Ramirez de Cartagena (@angelordecartagena)
Assisted by Jef Fronda (@feroxia)
Grooming: Cats del Rosario (@drcats)
Shoot coordinator: Genalli Francisco (@genalli)
Production design Tipping Point Collective (@tippingpointcollective)

Kid Cudi for Fat Man Magazine

Kid Cudi introduces FAT MAN MAGAZINE, an exciting new international launch that follows the internationally successful FAT MAGAZINE. F stands for Fashion, A for Ass and T for Toys.

FAT MAN seeks to challenge all 3 subjects in a creative, fun and provocative way. FAT MAN aims to appeal to the basic needs in any man’s life. Every issue will include men’s fashion, beautiful women and inspiration for toys and gadgets; all of which feature in the lives of today’s modern, urban male.

FAT MAN will feature internationally acclaimed creative contributors who offer new, modern and inspiring visions and quirky takes on our everyday lives.