Chester: I just want to get to that stage. To your stage, I want to be in your stage *points to Michael* I want to meet someone and have the fun, you know, however long it takes when you find that person and –oh we can do this together forever. It’s great…

Hannah: It’s called sex 

Chester: *laughs* Well that’s a part of it. And then you’re like okay let’s move in together and build that. I want that 

Mamrie: Do you wanna have a series where we find you a lady?

Chester: No. Because that’s not going to find the right one.

 Hannah: That would find an attention seeking one

 Grace: Like the bachelor of the internet 

Chester: Yeah that doesn’t get the right girl

Mamrie: But maybe if I get to pick ‘em…

Hannah: Yeah Mamrie, handpick Chester’s mate

…and she did


In the style of a silent film, Mamrie reenacts the time she accidentally flashes her whole naked body in front of an innocent family with children at a hotel. 

Absolutely the most hilarious Mamrie skit yet.


Mamrie Hart Gets Hammered With People Who Deserve A Drink / Huge On The Tube