Miyano Mamoru imitates Hosoya Yoshimasa
  • Miyano Mamoru imitates Hosoya Yoshimasa
  • Miyano Mamoru, Shimazaki Nobunaga

(They were talking about Hosoya Yoshimasa’s reaction when he did a fist bump with Miyano Mamoru at a Free! recording and Mamo imitates him)

Shimazaki Nobunaga: - And I really wanted to hear your talk with Hosoya-san…

Miyano Mamoru: - "Um…Miyano-san’s hand…is warm, isn’t it?”
And I was like: that’s your impression on it?
"No,no…I think, Um…um,it’s important, you know… Um…um, because I’m not good at it…you know, um, I’m not good with people…So things like temperature…It’s…like a way to communicate..and… it’s important for me.” 
That’s what he was saying.

Shimazaki Nobunaga: - You really sounded like him! 

Miyano Mamoru: - Hahaha!

Shimazaki Nobunaga: - Totally sounded like him! What you were saying, the way of talking and the style, you know, everything was alike so you can only say it sounded like him. Awesome.
But you two often have preparatory meetings, don’t you?
So this is how the recording studio is getting warmed up. Then, let’s read the next mail…

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