A wonderful wolf-soul woman contacted me the other day to say she had some fossil ivory for sale that her late life-partner had collected whilst they lived together in Alaska. I bought a pound of it and promised to purchase more if my creations sold.

So here’s a piece of mammoth ivory that has been left in a very natural state. It’s a lovely piece from the base of a mammoth’s tusk, and has some beautiful texture to prove it. Cost is $40.00 shipped for this piece. US buyers only, please! Contact me directly for order details and payment info.

Jimmy Buddha & Reign Collaboration: 2012 Limited


Year three of the collaboration between Jimmy Buddha Designs and Reign Custom Designs will be an extremely limited release of only 3 sets of plugs.  They will be made once and never again.  Dated 2012 they are sure to be collector pieces of the future.  With Reign not vending this year at the APP they will be displayed at the Jimmy Buddha / Diablo Organics booth and be the only Reign pieces available for sale on the floor in Vegas…..better be quick kids!!!!!


Fossil Mammoth Ivory, Stainless Steel, Brass, 2012 Limited

         Fossil Mammoth Ivory, Stainless Steel, Brass, 2012 Limited



Today at the Anchorage Museum there was a “Know Your Bones” session. A few of us brought together our collections and showed them off for kids and adults to see. Some people brought in mystery items of their own to have us look at. Our success rate was fairly high. Reaching out to kids is fun. They eat it up.

My buddy has this nice piece of mammoth ivory that he got up in Northwest Alaska. You can tell it’s mammoth because of the Schreger lines which are only found in these proboscids – they’re those overlapping V’s.