I’ve been so hurt before. I cried and begged for a guy. Been lied to and cheated to. Been left out. Been in a long term relationship. I was so in love then and forgot that I was special too. I did not expect that the relationship would end so hard. Trials and obstacles almost ruined my life. And I die every single day. Been so drunk. Cried for the nth time. So throw up, fucked up and messed up.  But I was glad that it was over. I became positive. I went on with my life. Mingle with others and enjoy every single bit of the day.  I became closer to the Lord Almighty. Been praying everyday. Went to Church almost everyday and thank Him for all the things that happened to me. I know He gave me that struggles to make me stronger and better individual. I realized that I was blessed because I have friends and I gain more. They supported me and gave me their shoulders through out that dark journey in my life.. I have my family who never leave me in spite of all my dramas and heartaches. I never wished to Him to have someone who will make me feel special. I just prayed for happiness and my loved ones’ happiness too.

One midnight, unexpectedly and astoundingly.. There’s this insect that perched on my shirt and one guy picked it up and let me wish.. For the nth time, I wished for happiness. I never knew that this insect, that wish and that GUY would be the one who will change my life forever.. All I can say is Welcome to my life, Raymart Derick R. Gayacao. We’ve been so very close since then. Wake up calls, midnight conversations, morning and sweet messages came through. I love the way he makes me feel so special. I know I am the most beautiful girl every time I’m with him. We’re comfortable with each other and we can act 100% of ourselves. We enjoyed every single time together. Laughed until we die. Talked until we don’t know what we’re talking about. He don’t care if I have a messy hair or if I am that fattest bitch in town. He accepts me for what I am and loved me for who I am. Everything was not fast but it was very unexpected and sudden. Because of Mamart, I became closer and closer to God. I know that he is the greatest gift from God. That he was God’s choice. He came to my life for a reason. People ask if we’re official or if we’re already committed.. We don’t know what to answer them. We both know what we have and we are very much contented. I’m not saying that we will not be an official couple. We’re waiting for the right time. Right time that God will be the One to decide. I thank God for him. He’s the sweetest guy I’ve ever met. I’m the happiest girl alive to have Mamart. We both accepted each other’s past mistakes and don’t care what happened. Because the more important is today and the future. He’s close to me like a family. His efforts.. His thoughtfulness. That was a blessing to me. Maybe, he is the guy I WOULD REALLY WANT TO SPEND THE REST OF MY LIFE WITH. Everything’s new.. So magical and lovely.. Relationship is not about how long you spend together. It’s how you handle what you have and never let it fall.. I never became this happy for my entire life. Everything seems so perfect that I can already die but at least not because of misery but because in my life, there’s this guy named Mamart who changed everything. I don’t know what will happen on the few weeks, months or years. We don’t know if we will be together but we WE WOULD DO EVERYTHING, CONQUER ANYTHING TO SAVE WHAT WE HAVE UNTIL WE’RE READY TO STEP INTO THE NEXT STAGE. People would not understand us, but we don’t care as long as we’re happy and we’re not hurting anyone else. AS LONG AS GOD IS THE CENTER OF OUR RELATIONSHIP..

My message to him:

Mon amour, thank you for coming into my life. I know this is a bit cheesy but  I just want you know that you are the best thing that ever happened to me. Your God’s choice. Thank you! We both know that we have a list of things to do in the future. We promised to make it happen not now but we will. You love pick up lines but you love me more.. I will not stop thanking you for everything. Though it’s too early for us, but just like what you’ve TIME IS MEANINGLESS WHEN YOU’RE IN LOVE. I trusted you babe with all my heart and promised that I will always be here for you no matter what. You will always be the MOST VALUABLE PLAYER to me! Babe, 8 letters, 3 words, 1 meaning. I will stay with you no matter what challenges might carry us apart <3




Hey! I’m opening commisions for pony pixel art!! (NSFW Art also available!)

Super quick messy why is this here additional pony: 50 cent holla

Messy Quick Sketch Additional pony: 1 $

Simple addition pony: 1.50 $

Complex additional pony: 2 $

Simple Full body additional pony: 2 $

Complex Full body additional pony: 3 $

Complex additional pony: 4 $

For any other creatures (such as breezies, griffins, DISCORDS, or other magical creatures), please message me for how much they would cost!

Actually just message me at all if you are interested in getting a commission!