Conversation at the Hot Springs Pool whilst wearing a new bikini.
  • Mamala:When's the last time you were this skinny?
  • Me:Um, before high school, maybe?
  • Mamala:Wow, so that was like under 140, right?
  • Me:Aw, you're sweet. I'm not under 140 yet, I'm still in the low 150s.
  • Mamala:WHAT? Oh my gosh. I think you look great now, but once you get down there, you're going to look AMAZING!
  • Me:d'aww. Thanks mama.
Matagal ko na 'tong pinaglalaban.

Syempre umuso din sakin yung #WalangForever. Hahaha pero syempre napagisip isip ko na wala talaga. Pag man to man, wala. Pag God to man, meron. Di naman sa nag mamala anghel ako dito ah. Pero kasi diba pag mass, yung sinasabi lagi “Forever and ever. Amen” tapos diba ang ibigsabihin ng Amen is I believe. Tapos diba may “Through Him and in Him and with Him. In the unity of the Holy Spirit. All glory and honor is Yours, Almighty Father… Forever and ever.. Amen” oha oha. Yun lang. Hahahaha. Pag tao yung nagsabi sayo ng i love you forever, syempre parang mapapa #WalangForever ka din na emote. Haha pero si God diba. Sabi nga ni Pope, He loved us first. Tapos continuous yung love nya. It never ends. Oha. Yun lang. Good night!!! Hahahaha

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'Haven't Got Any Showcause Notice From Party Yet,' Says BJP Lawmaker Sakshi Maharaj

New Delhi: BJP lawmaker Sakshi Maharaj has denied receiving any showcause notice by the party in response to his recent controversial comments.

“I have not received any notice. If I receive a notice I shall reply to it,” the 58-year-old Lok Sabha MP from Uttar Pradesh said today. “I have just come to Delhi. If a notice was sent, my office would have received it. It is a “ghar ka mamala” (internal matter). Why is the media intruding?” he asked.

‘Haven’t Got Any Showcause Notice From Party Yet,’ Says BJP Lawmaker Sakshi Maharaj

A showcause notice by the BJP was sent to Sakshi Maharaj yesterday. The action against him came days after his latest comment – that Hindu woman should “give birth to four children to protect the Hindu religion” – created a storm, with political opponents demanding an explanation from the Prime Minister.

Distancing itself, the BJP had said it was a personal opinion of the MP and not that of the party’s. “We strongly urge our workers to focus on promoting the good work done by the government and refrain from getting involved in unnecessary statements,” party spokesperson Shrikant Sharma had said.

But Sakshi Maharaj did not express any regret for his remark. A day later, he said, “Raat gayi, baat gayi (As time passed, the matter also ended).”

Over the last couple of months, the BJP had been struggling to control its parliamentarians who have been wading into controversies one after the other. Last month, at a closed-door meeting, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had asked them not to cross the “lakshman rekha” and made it clear that it was non-negotiable.

“I will not compromise on this,” he had warned soon after Union minister Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti had used an expletive at a campaign rally in Delhi, making the BJP vulnerable to a massive attack by the opposition.

BJP MPs like Yogi Adityanath have continued to make public statements backing religious conversions and even announcing more conversion programmes. Sakshi Maharaj had also attracted criticism following his comments about Nathuram Godse being a “patriot” and not an “anti-national”.