Some Mal/Simon Fic Recs Because I'm ALL ABOUT THAT SHIT

Mal/companion!Simon - short and sweet comment fic, AU.

Black Market Honey -  long-ish WWII AU. I think this is actually the genesis of my WWII AU kink. BUT IT’S SO GOOD. Doctor!Simon, Fighter Pilot!Mal, I will never be over how lovely and tender and perfect this all is. *hopeless sputtering*

Don’t come free - medium length, hilarious, AU, some good Inara stuff.

Three Mal/Simon ficlets from prompts - interconnected, all adorable, most of the crew is involved.

Tramping Out the Vintage Where the Grapes of Wrath Are Stored - medium length, what I’d call case-fic, like, the whole crew is involved in An Adventure and Simon gets to (has to?) play Companion. I feel like this was a trend in Firefly fandom, which I was never really a part of but yeah.

Mal/Simon, smut, prompt, weariness - shortish, Mal being kind of a dick (like bordering into dub-con-y dick, just a warning) but it all works out.

Five Drinks They Lived to Regret - aw, this is nice, it’s the whole crew. There are bunnies. And only the last of the five-times is Mal/Simon so.

Trauma Medicine - okay this long and it’s not movie compliant BUT I like to pretend it’s what actually happened instead because WAAAASH and other things. I like that it really gets into Mal’s mentality and issues and doesn’t gloss over the Mal/Inara thing and there’s a few character notes in that I’m not a huge fan of but overall, this is great.

AND I WAS GOING TO LINK MY FAVORITE EVER (Even Prometheus Finally Had A Good Day) but the author’s FRIENDLOCKED IT and I am so upset.

(And this isn’t Mal/Simon, it’s Inara gen/backstory but it’s one of my favorite fics in the world, so: charmed life).


Blackout Zone
There are two things Simon Tam would fight to the death for: his sister and his home, in that order. Series prequel, including all the crew and the special hells they put themselves through. Much Zoe/Wash, other pairings are pre-slash (Mal/Simon, Inara/Kaylee).

Mal, Simon, and River are stranded on a planet after alliance presence makes it dangerous for Serenity.

Meeting Zeke
Simon knows about the Goodnight Kiss first-hand. Pre-series.