Leftists are so Deranged, so Trapped in their own Bigotries, that when they see a movie with a man holding a drill to a boy's head, and a US Soldier uses the word "Savages", they automatically assume the Soldier means the boy too, not just the man.

Savagery is a word which refers to actions, and the word savages clearly refers to the people taking savage actions. Not their victims. 

I once had a male doctor refuse to perform a bone graft using bone from my shin as i ‘would never be able to wear a bikini with that big scar’. Instead he took the bone from my hip, which was not contained inside my cast and was exposed so became infected and i got septicaemia. I got a superbug, almost lost my foot which had turned black and nearly died. I was seriously ill because a surgeon decided i needed to look pretty.

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My name is Jalisa.

My mother is a disabled, queer woman of color in a domestic violence situation. She needs your help.

Her name is Eloisa Small - and she suffers from PTSD and Dissociative Identity Disorder. She is physically disabled and has been diagnosed with Failed Back Syndrome, Stenosis of the neck, and Fibromyalgia. Her physical disabilities mean that she is in constant severe pain and spends most of her days heavily sedated. Eloisa does not want to take pills; she wants surgery. One doctor dismissively told her that the only thing he could do to help would be to sever her spinal cord at the neck to prevent her severe pain. On top of these life threatening conditions, her partner is abusing her. Due to her disability, she is unable to escape from him.

Eloisa desperately requires funding for her travel from Michigan to Minnesota, where she will be placed in a safe, disability friendly environment while she receives treatment for her physical and mental disabilities at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. On top of these conditions, one of her doctors in Michigan has recently discovered a brain cyst that has caused significant memory loss. Yet the doctor ruled the cyst as benign.

My mother grew up in inner-city New York; she has received the same amount of education as a 13 year old. Her lack of education means that doctors often do not listen to her needs or care to understand them. She does not have the education to give informed consent and desperately wants to move to Minnesota in order to have her daughter (me) assist with her medical care.

· Doctors have refused her treatments because they didn’t want to treat someone using medical marijuana (which she uses for nausea and pain). This type of discrimination is illegal

· Eloisa worked for 8 years with a broken back and went in for frequent doctor visits about her pain. It took doctors 8 years until one finally ran an MRI and discovered that her lumbar disks were slowly deteriorating. By then, it was too late.

· The surgery performed on her did not have informed consent. The doctor also installed rods into her back when he was not given permission to. The rods are irremovable and are attributed to her permanent disability. She cannot sue this doctor because of medical statutes protecting him

· I believe that the racially charged atmosphere in Michigan is connected to her poor treatment

· One of her doctors didn’t bother reading her file and didn’t even know she has had 2 prior spinal fusion surgeries

It kills me that I can’t take care of my mother. She raised my brother and I alone, put food on the table, and never missed even one of my track meets - even when she needed to be at the doctors’. Eloisa has put EVERYONE first. She smiled at all of my silly drawings and listened to me ramble excitedly about every book I ever read. Now, I need my community to help me support her. I need everyone to put HER first. I need people to be compassionate and help her put her life back together so that she can do something as simple as take a walk or comb her own hair in the morning. I need people to see her as I have seen her every day of my life: strong, beautiful, and deserving of love.


If you’re interested in donating to Operation Eloisa, visit the GoFundMe page and contribute. Any amount you feel acceptable will be welcome.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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Do doctors really order unnecessary lab tests regularly out of fear of getting sued? I recently read an article claiming some alarming statistic that a lot of the tests performed are done solely out of malpractice fears. That seems so sad, that this system is broken to this extent.

Umm… yeah, we do.

So, remember earlier this year when I found out I got sued? It was because we didn’t do a bunch of labs that, though completely medically unnecessary and against the standard of care, the family thought would have “saved” their loved one from death. 

There are certain things that have become standard out there, and if you don’t order a certain test and you mess up, you WILL get sued. This happens a lot more in the hospital than in the outpatient setting. As a general rule, the sicker the patient is, the more unnecessary tests they get. 

Patient says they have the worse headache of their life? Doesn’t matter that they come to the ER for that same complaint once a week for Dilaudid. They’re getting a CT scan to rule out a bleed.

Patient has burning chest/epigastric pain that is obviously coming from their severe chronic esophagitis? Better get a stress test or a cath just to be sure it’s not their heart. 

We do this stuff ALL the time. One of the things I love about doing medicine overseas is that this burden to CYA is lifted and you can practice medicine in a logical, common sense, prudent way while still treating the patient completely appropriately for their condition. 

But as long as we judge the quality of a doctor’s care by patient satisfaction scores and we allow people to sue for ridiculous things and ask for ungodly sums of money, doctors will continue to practice defensive medicine

There is a point where it gets out of hand though. In my opinion, if you’re draining the system or potentially causing harm to the patient with all your CYA tests, you’ve gone too far. And I think a lot of doctors order tests without talking to the patient first because they assume all patients are litigious, but if you and the patient can come to an agreement not to do an expensive unnecessary workup, then it’s fine. 


bury your failures where they can’t find you

I’m ashamed by how much I draw this asshole.

I once had a guy tell me that I shouldn’t put “bisexual” in my dating profile because it would attract the wrong kind of men. When I asked “you mean like women?” he replied “wait, you want to attract women?” He also imparted the advice that I was never going to have a successful relationship until I became more subservient. This guy was a relationship councilor.

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Yes, Residents Can Be Sued. And it Totally Sucks.

By the time they reach age 65, 75% of physicians in low-risk specialties will be sued. Only 19% will ever have to pay a plaintiff. Compared to high risk specialties, where 99% of physicians will be sued and 71% will lose, this doesn’t sound too bad. But knowing these facts doesn’t make the reality of the words “you’re being sued” any less gut wrenching to hear when they’re actually uttered to you

Lawsuits take a HUGE emotional toll on physicians and they ultimately can change the way you practice. You begin to see your patients as plaintiffs, yourself as a possible defendant or witness. You cover your butt. You document, document, document. You burn out. 

Worse still, you can’t talk to anyone about it. You fear that your peers and patients will judge you and assume your guilt. Your brain, logic, and reason tell you that you did nothing wrong. Yet you continue to worry that you will be found responsible. But you can’t discuss it with anyone. There’s no one to assure you that you will be fine. And of course anything you say about the case to co-workers has the potential to come back and bite you in court. 

So you keep silent.

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In his new memoir, Doctored, Sandeep Jauhar describes a growing discontent among doctors and how it’s affecting patients. He says rushed doctors are often practicing “defensive medicine.”

“There’s no question that there’s a lot of unnecessary testing in American medicine today and the reasons for it are manyfold. Part of it is … a lack of time. You have a patient come into your office and you have eight minutes with them and they have lower back pain and you don’t want to miss something because one of the major causes of dissatisfaction among doctors today is malpractice liability; there’s that fear.

A lot of doctors are practicing defensive medicine. There have been various estimates that defensive medicine costs up to $100 billion a year out of the roughly $3 trillion we spend on health care, so it’s a huge, huge waste. … It takes time to evaluate the patient, get a good history, examine the patient, and it’s just so much easier to order a test— especially when the financial incentives of the system are to reward for more and more testing.” 

[TW Rape, Miscarriage]

I once had a male doctor tell me that I was “too pretty” to have a tubal ligation done. I’d told him after having been raped and conceiving a children from it, then going through a horrendous miscarried ten years ago, I never wanted children and knew this would be the right choice for me since I’d never wanted children to begin with, he still refused because I’m “just too beautiful not to pass on those genes.” I left and found another doctor who would help me.

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