The Blues

I haven’t broken a stick or mallet in many, many years. The last time I broke a mallet was a week before my senior recital in college (and oh, how I needed that LHS 17Z too…and of course all my normal suppliers out of stock…so that wasn’t good).

Yesterday I let a colleague borrow my “lucky” pair of Malletech Becker Blue’s (why they’re lucky, don’t ask me…it’s a superstition thing) and after a few glissandos, they were returned in the condition shown above. The shaft of one seems to have failed, along with the head becoming loose on the other. Funny thing is that they’re not a matched pair; maybe they were mixed with another pair sometime in the past.

If I’m not thrilled to loan out mallets in the future, this is evidence as to why. Please, be nice to other peoples gear.