The Signs at the Mall
  • Aries:Trying to shoplift body soap
  • Taurus:Finds the shop where you can lay on the beds for sale and goes to sleep
  • Gemini:Trying to get a job there because they're broke
  • Cancer:Pretending to be a ninja with a toy sword
  • Leo:Found the pet store and won't leave
  • Virgo:In the gaming store buying every single game
  • Libra:Buying clothes they'll never wear but it looked cute
  • Scorpio:The mall cops are chasing them because they stole a cactus from the plant store
  • Sagittarius:Purposely bumping into people and asking for an apology
  • Capricorn:Found the childrens' ballpit and got lost in it
  • Aquarius:Eating everything they get their hands on
  • Pisces:Trying to find Paul Blart, a mall cop

‘PSA: there’s a new vinyl and cassette store opening in plaza cote des neiges. Check out that sign! What decade are we in?!! There’s also a old style video arcade under construction with old pacman style games. So if you need me this summer I’ll be somewhere in the circuit of movie theatre-renaissance-tapes-arcade-roti-bubble tea-Chinese greens at plaza cdn. Best mall ever.’

This is basically why FNoMTL can never die. Stuff like this keeps happening. Is this real life? Anyway, everyone is ordered to go there once it opens.

ETA Wait a second, what in the time-traveling-mall-walk-minute is going on??

(Caption and photo stolen, with permission, from Miranda Campbell!)


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Let’s Go to the Mall! Ch. 3/?

Or the “Clarke and Bellamy work at an art supply store and bookstore across the mall from each other” AU.

Chapters one and two.


Clarke went home after work feeling confused and lost.

Neither of her parents were home yet and so she went upstairs, sat in her desk chair, and stared at her laptop for an hour, telling herself that sheshouldn’t do it. Because this was Bellamy Blake she was talking about and these feelings that she was having were downright ridiculous.

Clarke Griffin was not the type of girl who stalked guys on the Internet. She wasn’t. So she was going to go downstairs and watch some MTV for a while and wait until her parents came home and then she was going to eat dinner and not stalk Bellamy Blake on the Internet.

Three hours later Clarke was back at her desk on Bellamy’s Facebook page. She hated herself. But she was also curious. And in the end her curiosity had won out over her common sense and any semblance of self-respect.

But let’s be honest, after this, she didn’t have any of that left

She’d felt the urge to look Bellamy up multiple times since the beginning of the summer but the disgust she expected to feel for his page full of parties, womanizing, and obnoxious frat-boy-like posts had always kept her from doing it.

Clarke found no such posts.

In fact, Bellamy’s Facebook page was so squeaky clean it might as well have belonged to someone’s 85 year old grandmother.

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Winter Park Mall Shopping Center - Winter Park, Florida on Flickr.

Interior of the new Winter Park Mall Shopping Center. One of the largest Air Conditioned Malls in the South.

Mailed from Orlando, Florida to Mrs. Carace Wing of Phillips, Maine on March 12, 1970:

Think of you often & so glad you stop to see Ma. This is just one of the beautiful places here. I’ve found plenty of those old me - decided I can share some with you after all!!! Ha! See you in May or June. Can’t decide.
Love, Glenice

Let’s Go to the Mall! Ch. 4/?

Or the “Bellamy and Clarke work at an art store and bookstore across the mall from each other” AU.

Chs. 1, 2, and 3


Clarke wished that she could say she didn’t spend that evening with her stomach simultaneously twisting itself into knots and with an anxiously breathless feeling that she couldn’t really describe.  But she did.  She had no idea when the hell it had happened but sometime over the last few days, Bellamy had transitioned from that obnoxiously awful guy at the bookstore to someone she might even call a friend.

But of course that’s all they were.  Friends.  Because Clarke Griffin and Bellamy Blake could never be anything else.  And that was imagining that they could even manage friendship.  Clarke had her doubts about that, too.

Nevertheless, she did look for his car in the parking lot the next day when she got to work.  He wasn’t there yet.  But she knew that he’d be there.  And sure enough, she saw his familiar figure slip into the bookstore as she’s opening her register.  She tells herself not to smile.

She does anyway.

She finds herself checking her watch during the first half of her shift.  Clarke never checks her watch.  She never checks her watch because she loves her job.  She loves talking about the different kinds of paper they sell, and why you might want this paintbrush over this one, and discussing new brand of pastels, and yes, even helping customers figure out what shade of green yarn would look best in the scarf they’re knitting.  But today something was different.  And of course she knew exactly what it was.

The prospect of lunch with Bellamy.

And no, Clarke was not necessarily happy about that.

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The Signs as Mall stores.

Aries : That Hot Topic that always plays FoB Taurus : That bookstore that underprices Gemini : that Radioshack that is only open at night Virgo : that Olive Garden that serves a shitload of breadsticks. Leo : that Pet adoption store which serves as a Fight Club at night Libra : that build your own stuff toy shop with only one employee Scorpio : that tattoo parlor with suprisingly kind staff. Sagittarius : that Gym that offers spinning classes and smells like lavender Capricorn : that novelty prank shop that has a dingy cashier. Aquarius : That starbucks that is way too cold Pisces : That McDonalds that give way too many ketchups Cancer : That hardware store that dosent sell hammers but sells nails.