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*awkwardly steps in* Ah, hello. I just wanted to ask for some Cosplay advice. *nervously straightens non-existent tie* I've been wanting to cosplay Vanitas for quite a bit, but I don't know how to style the wig without it looking like I took a vacuum to it. Any tips? (Bri)

Try looking up MalindaChans wig tutorials! They’re a lot of help with spiking.


A compilation of photos I’ve been editing from Katsucon throughout the week :3 

Skyward Sword Link » Malindachan
Noatok » firewolf826
Karneval Group » Janiekat, hibrrry, Kassie
Princess Bubblegum » hibrrry
Connor » mintdoggy
Marth » fairyring
Medli » hythe
Princess Azula » hythe

All photos were taken by me :) 


I’m selling some of my older costumes on ebay! Check my DA journal for more info! 

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean I won’t be cosplaying these characters anymore; I still have my newest wigs and jackets for both Judai and Yusei, though the older ones are hard to part with because they hold a lot of good memories! 

Judai wig and jacket listing

Yusei jacket and tank top listing


Colossalcon 2013

Sandusky, OH

Swimsuit Korra/Jasmine - Fushicho Cosplay

Swimsuit Saber - Princess of Ducks 

Mako - Malindachan (dA/fb)

Bolin - ZippyC (tumblr)

Korra - Frecklez (tumblr)

Photography by SoulFire Photography (fb/dA)

Oh hey, I was also at Colossal! I’m super behind on all my processing, so I’ll throw some photos at you guys before I head to bed.

I was super lucky to get to work with some ridiculously amazing people. Everyone was so fantastic and perfect and I’ll run out of adjectives before I feel I have accurately described everyone.


You have no idea how freaking late it is, but seeing how these guys have never been mentioned I shall point people in their direction. The cosplayers have been my favorite for quite some time due to their Yugioh cosplays. They did an astounding job on their cosplays, from wig to costume. The lovely Malindachan and Ex-Shadow from Deviantart who I believe use the same channel for most of their videos.

For those also interested how they make their wigs, Malinda has on her page a few tutorials on how they spike the wigs, among one of the tutorials is their “Yugi Moto” wig. So do check our their page!



Their Tutorials specifically-

Also, before anyone mentions anything I do believe they are a married couple. I think there is even a gallery that just includes their “theme” Wedding which was Disney themed? The dresses and outfits were just stunning.

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