malikxoxo-deactivated20120709 asked:

(idek if it is a personal question) What's your best friends name? :3

i dont have best friends i ahev a close friend in the real life called Nuna. and here i have all the fags on my ‘bitches’ page haahha

url:  8,5/10

icon:  10/10 

theme+colours+sidebar:  9/10 i like your name..

posts:  10/10

overall:  9/10

Thank you :)

Opening Credits: Hot mess ~ Cobra Starship
Waking Up: Who says ~ Selena Gomez
First Day At School: Keep it real ~ Jonas Brothers
Falling In Love: Iris ~ the Goo Goo Dolls
Fight Song: Skater Boy ~ Avril Lavigne
Breaking Up: Under the bridge ~ Red Hot Chili Peppers
Life’s OK: What did I do ~ Nikki
Getting Back Together: Let it be ~ the Beatles
Wedding:  Ass back home ~ Gym class heroes
Birth of Child: Complicated ~ Avril Lavigne
Final Battle: Hot right now ~ DJ Fresh ft. Rita Ora
Death Scene: Fight for this love ~ Cheryl Cole
Funeral Song: Viva la vida ~ Coldplay
End Credits: Chasing Cars ~ Snow Patrol