A real boyfriend isn’t judging everything you do. A real boyfriend will support every decision you make no matter if it’s dumb. A real boyfriend won’t be afraid to to kiss you in front of his friends he won’t ignore you. He will treat you like he always does when you are alone. A real boyfriend won’t talk about other girls in front of you. When your down he will ask you whats wrong. He will beat up every person who hurts you. He will always fill you up with little detail at every moment that he can. When your sick he will try worry about you till you get better. Know that’s a real relationship of course with some downs!

My dear,

I will love you properly; I’ll be with you every day.
I will kiss your forehead, your lips, thank God with you and pray.
I will cuddle in bed; just hug you, keep you warm, hold you ever so tight.
We will be just like a wife, a soul-mate, a queen
With her lovable king, protector and guardian knight.
We will have a baby princess, whose name we will pick together.
Living in our cozy house, the three of us, forever.

I love you.
There is no one else I would want to be with but you. <3

Source: Strawberrytelle

I always want a guy who is proud and who feel blessed because I am his girlfriend. A guy who is not ashamed to hold my hand, hug, kiss, or say i love you, in front of his friends and family; most especially in front of his EX. Not being rude, just telling the truth. LOL. Someone who can proudly say, “This is my girl, and I love her. She’s oing to be the mommy of my kids.” Don’t you want someone like that? :)