mangoace asked:

Hello! So, I just stumbled across the pictures of you as Davesprite, and I was wondering if you have a tutorial or any tips for making the whole left wing. (I'm sorry if you get asked this a lot.. I love your cosplay, by the way!)

Hello! i myself do not have a tutorial made up but i can point you in the right direction of the tutorials i used as reference while making my wings! here is zippyc’s tutorial and dersedreamer’s tutorial :3 i used both as a reference throughout the entire process of making my wings and i do suggest that you take a look at both because they are both really helpful and are both really kawaii people in general (◡‿◡✿)

as for advice, i will say:

letter a) do not do not give yourself a deadline. take your time making your wings and make sure everything is right/the way you want it to be

letter b)make sure you’re working in an area where it is easy to clean up after yourself. i worked both in our living room and my sewing room and i know there are still remnants of feather clippings in between floorboards and under the sofa and behind the tv, etc… ((throw away the feather clippings as well, dont just, like, let them be free in the outside world lmao))

letter 3)make certain you have enough supplies and restock if you think you might be needing more before you actually run out. i /know/ i used a lot of hot glue working on this and every time we went back to jo-ann’s i was getting more hot glue sticks

and number d) have lots of reference pictures! make a specific folder on your computer for refs and progress and all stuff related! i have over 40 pictures of crows/crow wings/bird anatomy that i had out on my screen every time i worked in this thang.

… yup i think thats it! if you have any other questions about anything, feel free to message me! ill try to help the best i can! good luck with your cosplay :D <3

malignance asked:

hey B)

1. First impression: wow they’re cool and live near me

2. Truth is: you’re so awesome and friendly and you’re definitely one of my fave people

3. How old do you look: 5

4. Have you ever made me laugh: YES oh my god

5. Have you ever made me mad: nope

6. Best feature: your mad scientist hair and ability to come up with fantastic headcanons

7. Have I ever had a crush on you: like a friend crush does that count

8. You’re my: memer jean

9. Should you post this too? piss