I went to the Cars & Coffee meetup in Malibu this morning.

I drove up Highway 1 for the first time on my own at about 6:30. It was cloudy and chilly and totally empty. After I walked around the parking lot and finished snapping photos of all the cars, I took my little Honda up into the hills. What a great bunch of roads; so many switchbacks and elevation changes, great scenery, and even a rock slide to avoid. It was something else.

Somehow I wound up back at the lot where Cars & Coffee was wrapping up, so I got back on PCH and headed back down towards LA. I put Warren Zevon’s first album on, and had A Moment. Six months on, and this morning I had to remind myself that yes, I really do live out here and yes, it really is completely bonkers.

I promise that some day I will stop writing things and taking photos that scream “look I live in LA now!” but today is not that day.