what if stiles and isaac are both really into comics, and scott’s thinking thank goodness, maybe they won’t fight as much now that they have something in common

except as it turns out, isaac likes marvel and stiles is a total dc fanboy

and they get into a screaming match over which is better that ends with isaac picking up stiles and almost throwing him out the window

IDK MAN like i still need a scilesaac fic where they go clubbing

and when they’re getting ready scott is ready right away but stiles and isaac take FOREVER in the bathroom and all scott hears is yeliing

"stop HOGGING THE MIRROR, lahey!" "move OVER, stilinski!" 

and scott shouts into the bathroom “will you guys hurry it up, everyone’s waiting

stiles makes some sarcastic comment about how “you can’t rush beauty, scottie” and isaac purposefully pushes him out of the way of the mirror making him hit his head on the bathroom door and stiles grumbles about it and the arguing continues

until they’re pretty much almost done getting ready and all they have to do now is put on some cologne but LO AND BEHOLD they want to put on the same kind and start arguing about that

until scott has had ENOUGH and barges into the bathroom like “c’mon you guys allison and lydia and the girls and derek are waiting on us we need to GO!”

and they’re like “ok ok we’re almost done. sorry scott. :(” and end up wearing the same cologne anyway 

SO WHEN THEY FINALLY GET TO THE CLUB the whole pack is having a great time (except for derek, who is mysteriously brooding near the bar in a leather jacket) and all the girls are dancing together (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

and stiles tries (and fails) to order a drink with his fake ID but funnily enough when isaac tries to order a drink with his fake ID it works

stiles scowls and makes a fuss about how it’s not fair that isaac’s fake ID worked and his didn’t and “wHY DID YOU EVEN ORDER A DRINK, YOU’RE A WEREWOLF AND ALCOHOL HAS NO EFFECT ON YOU” but isaac just shrugs and tells stiles that he has no charisma or tact and that’s why his fake ID always fails

and stiles is about to protest and start an argument when scott pulls them both onto the dance floor (while stumbling a bit) and isaac and stiles look at each other and stiles is just like “scott, are you drunk right now??? how????? why????” and scott coyly shrugs, giggles, and puts a finger to his lips like i’ll never tell (it turns out that danny got some vodka mixed with wolfsbane and gave some to scott)

and stiles is like “great, i’m the only one that’s actually affected by actual alcohol and i’m the sober one” and isaac grabs stiles by the waist and tells him “shut up and dance with us” and literally how can stiles argue with isaac whispering in his ear like that

and scott just keeps giggling and pulling both isaac and stiles close and eventually scott is in the middle with isaac behind him and stiles in front of him and there’s lots of grinding and sexual tension going on

some random guy probably comes up behind stiles and tries dancing with him and stiles awkwardly tries to push him away but damn is he persistent

and then isaac immediately shoves him and says “hEY, HANDS OFF” and the guy is like “who the hell are you, his keeper?” and isaac is like “no, i’m his fucking BOYFRIEND. and i said: hands. off.

and like scott is giggling but also looking confused and worried because what is going on and stiles is standing there smirking and actually looking quite proud of isaac for protecting him

and isaac stares the guy down and the guy’s like “yeah whatever, he’s not that good looking anyway” and starts to walk away BUT isaac grabs him by the shirt and snarls at him “he’s fucking beautiful, you ASSHOLE” and punches the guy in the face

and of course isaac gets kicked out of the club, which means scott and stiles have to leave too but scott is still hella tipsy so stiles and isaac are holding him up while they’re walking back to the jeep. on the way back, stiles asks isaac if he meant all the stuff he said in the club and isaac is like “of course, i wouldn’t have punched just anyone. scott told me to pick and choose who i punch.” and scott pipes up with a “hell yeah i did!” and stiles blushes because scott is being so cute and isaac defended his honor. (✿◠‿◠)

anonymous said:

talk to me about fashionable murder weapons like a garrote necklace or maybe something like lipstick that is actually poison or like a heel of a shoe is actually a knife


  • the garrote necklace is obvi a must have for any lady
  • a lipstick that might be a poison
  • oR A LIPSTICK THAT’S A TRIGGER FOR A BOMB (like if you twist it up the bomb goes off u know)
  • a heel that doubles as a knife ofc it’s a necessity
  • barrettes that are actually niNJA STARS
  • headbands that are boomerangs (they could have spikes on them too hm hm)
  • like a bracelet that’s also maybe a garrote too
  • not really a weapon but using eyeliner to mark out on their victim’s skin where they’re going to cut them 
  • maybe some heels that double as guns as well
  • yEEeEE