August/23/2014: Fire, Thorns, and Duchess

The Ten of Fire
The card depicts a tall, willowy, devout woman. It is associated with a revelation, masculinity, and harmony. Inverted, it represents divine love, balance, and an act of kindness. The card is an odd shape. The back is beige on sky blue with an arrow and a sphynx. 

The One of Thorns
The card depicts a lad and crows. It is associated with a challenge, mental clarity, a deception, and a rebellion. Inverted, it represents romance, and a period of severe weather. The card smells faintly of perfume. The back is pale orange . It has a knotted border. 

The Doomed Duchess
The card depicts a short, humble woman with grey eyes. It is associated with royalty, wisdom, a misstep, and an agreement. Inverted, it represents wind, stress, deceit, joy, and a thwarted plan. The card is crisp and clean. The back is dark grey on grey-brown . 


So, for my first one, I decided to go ahead and do all three for past, present, and future. The first one sounds a lot of my revelation of being a transgender and literally like having a fire set inside of me when I found this out. Everything was right in the world, for just a moment. 

The second card, the present card, sounds rough, a bit ominous. I find myself to have become more introverted from people recently, like I’m stressed or depressed. And I do believe it’s because of the what the 3rd card tells. The inverted form could mean my boyfriend, but also maybe that, with the severe weather, that we might go through a rough patch soon, especially with his possible moving from his house. 

The third card. Ah yes, this one made me feel a bit dreadful. A storm is coming indeed. My future plans are at best, rocky. I plan on coming out to my parents about being transgender by the end of senior year, so I can begin my transition. Knowing my own parents, it won’t go well. But, the agreement, joy, and wisdom part of the card, from this interpretation of it, makes me feel as if it will as if it will be all okay, in the end. Even if my parents don’t like it. Even if college and transitioning becomes hard for me, academically or financially. The royalty part stuck out to me a bit, making me think maybe that’s how I’ll feel after everything is said and done, particularly after my medical transition. I do hope that is the case.

Do any experienced tarot readers want to take a crack at this for their own interpretations? I am still very much learning at tarot, and without a deck, this is really my only form of practice. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated. 

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