Beyonce wins Villain Quote of the Day's 2013 Supervillain Award

Preface: Beyonce is not evil.  She’s a good person who earned that money, but she basically did everything that a good supervillain does.


-Implemented a surprise attack that no one saw coming

-“Steals” a vast amount of money from a large percent of the population.

-Effectively disabled a huge corporation’s network.

-Basically destroyed her competition. 

-Further cemented her status as a world super-power.  

-Became supreme ruler.

-And looked damn good while doing it.



Not following already? Just imagine what you’ve been missing!

Heterosexuals extensively quoted Malefi Asante to justify getting up in my face and telling me I’m a faggot, I’m not doing anything for the race, and basically, I’m a waste of their time and energy, and what have I contributed to black people, anyway? Which then gets to this denial of the contributions made by black lesbian, gay, and bisexual people throughout our history. One thing I’m clear about, regarding the men whose minds and reasonings I have trouble with, is that they’re trying to protect the little bit of masculinity that’s been constructed. But it’s what I like to view as an assimilated masculinity. In other words, “I want to be like what oppresses me.” The masculinity appropriated by the oppressed is surely dysfunctional. I want us not to be afraid to get into the faces of these people.
—  Essex Hemphill, Living the Word/Looking for Home

hiseyestellnolies asked:

Ooh! Ouat? :)

omg alet there are too many

okay here goes….

  • emma and killian (ofc)
  • regina and robin
  • snow and charming
  • charming and killian
  • emma and elsa
  • ruby and whale
  • ariel and eric
  • emma and graham
  • tink and regina
  • regina and malefient (this illusion may be crushed in s4b though)
  • ashley and sean
  • ruby and graham (WOULD THIS NOT BE EPIC)
  • i used to ship rumbelle but no not anymore
  • will and anastasia (idk if that counts)
  • alice and cyrus (again idk if i can say that)

send me a fandom and i’ll tell you who i ship in it!