Someone explain this to me.

I’m serious, tell me. I want to know. Maybe I’m ignorant but I’m not trying to be. Educate me.
Why do people roll their eyes when a group that mostly does the oppressing defends themselves? As long as they acknowledge that the problem exists and then becomes an ally in that situation, why is that bad? Isn’t it human nature to defend yourself? Say you’re in a class full of straight people, except for one gay kid. Most of your classmates taunt the gay kid and call him homophobic slurs while the teacher isn’t around. You try to defend the kid, but hey, you’re one voice against many. The rest of the class ignores you and continues to pick on the gay kid. Eventually, the teacher gets word of the bullying, and proceeds to tell off the class. Passionately. Calling you all scumbags and pieces of trash for oppression this person. Except you stood up for the kid. You were his ally in this situation. You don’t want to be called scum or a piece of trash because quite frankly, you don’t deserve it. You were not a part of the problem. #NotAllClassmates. You say, “but I wasn’t part of it!” Then the teacher rolls her eyes at you, tells you to shut up, tells you it isn’t about you and the gay kid says that he doesn’t care about your straight hurt feelings anyway. No one likes to be bullied and belittled, especially for something that they didn’t do. Of course the gay kid will face WAY more oppression than the straight ally, but since when does that make bullying the straight kid for activities he declined to participate in okay? Since when does separating yourself from homophobic behavior become grounds for bullying? Some men are jerks, but not all men. I say that, and I’m a feminist. Some white people are bad, but not all whites. I say that, and I’m black. I don’t get putting people down for separating themselves from negative behavior and not wanting to be labeled as a shit person because of the actions of others. Maybe people on the majority don’t face oppression but they have feelings, and I really don’t know why we’re throwing that out the window because someone is straight/cis/male/white.

I don’t get it. Please explain it to me.

  • girls:i like guys that're like 6 ft tall that are muscular and scruffy and have pretty eyes
  • tumblr:yeah me too
  • guys:i like it when girls don't wear a lot of make up and shave their armpits
  • Men:Men are simple creatures.
  • Men:Women are too complicated.
  • Men:Boys will be boys.
  • Men:Girls who dress slutty don't respect themselves.
  • Men:Men are like lions; you can't dangle meat in front of their faces and expect them not to want to eat it.
  • Men:Women are so emotional, always overreacting to little things.
  • Men:Women aren't funny.
  • Men:Women are so shallow.
  • Men:Women never say what they mean.
  • Women:I don't feel safe around men because of the abuses and assaults I've experienced throughout my life.
  • Men:NOT ALL MEN!!!
  • Men:These generalizations are harmful!
  • Men:Don't fight hate with hate!
  • Men:Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
I’ll be the first one to say it. What you girls are doing (when you talk against street harassment) is what is known as “male shaming”. You are opposed to any form that a man can express his sexuality and shaming any sexual intentions just because he is a man. And this is female privilege. Do you know what it feels like to walk on the street looking down and avoiding eye contact with attractive woman because you are so afraid that someone might accuse you of something as serious as abuse?
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So tired of white cishit men complaining about feminism. 

"waaaahhhh waaahhh not all men are rapists. White cishet men have done plenty of things to make the world a better place!"

Yeah??? Name ONE good thing men have done for society. NAME ONE, I fucking dare you.


Yas! I love when she does these!

"…a second coat for I Will Never Be Interested.."

Today in my linguistics class we watched the final episode of “Do you speak American?” There is a segment in it where they talk about how BMW chose the voice for its voice activated computer system. The first cars they released had a female voice, but BMW had to recall them almost instantly because men couldn’t handle being told what to do by a woman. The voice they use now is male, but younger and not too masculine-sounding, so as not to sound threatening to male customers.

Apparently male egos are so fragile that they can be threatened by a car GPS system. But of course women are okay with being told what to do by a man, because society has programmed us to think of that as normal.

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"Apparently male egos are so fragile that they can be threatened by a car GPS system"


*Masculine computerized voice*: Turn right at First Street.

Dudebro: Wait, did that machine just tell me what to do?  DID THIS FUCKING F****T-ASS COMPUTER JUST TELL ME WHERE TO TURN??  Nah, man, I RULE THE ROAD!  This is MY fucking car!  Stand back babe, I gotta defend your honor.  Tell me where to turn again, you little shit!  Come at me bro!  COME AT ME, BRO!!