A clash between two tigers in the Londolozi private game reserve in Pretoria South Africa. And yes, you read that right—tigers in Africa. Their fight began over territory, and one might be left wondering how much space these two actually have there.

The two males fought for 45 minutes, at one point it seemed as if one was dead only to spring back into the brawl after his opponent let his guard down. The younger male won, and both walked away injured, but alive. Both survived.

If my old lady was raped I would consider it cheating because another dick had been inside her. Women aren’t even raped as much as you claim though. In America we have freedom, and these woman have the freedom to walk away anytime they want.

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[S/N: Yes, this is the same guy who said this comment.]


Brazil whenever they score 

Brazil has the title of being the greatest Football nation in the world and i think this video explains how we feel about the sport  

Everything is about sex and money. No, seriously, if you break it down, everything in life is about sex and money. Everything anybody does in their life is about either getting laid, or getting more money. You go to school, why? So you can get a good job, so you can get more money. If you don’t get a job, and make money, your wife won’t fuck you.
—  (engaged) Senior Film Major