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I accept your reasoning as solid and sound for not having Malcolm there, even to have Nyssa punch him. I was so, so mad when Oliver asked Thea to have Merlyn in her home when he was recovering from being tortured. Like, no. No that is not okay.

SRSLY. A big part of why I’m mostly not watching whole episodes anymore - just catching up on clips of the female characters via youtube - is because I can’t stand the way the show (via Oliver in particular, but also via a whole lot of other narrative hand-waving) is framing Malcolm Merlyn’s abuse as in anyway excusable because he supposedly ‘loves’ Thea. It’s super SUPER gross and it jars because it breaks so many of the other characters out of normal characterisation (why in the fuck would Oliver ever, EVER want Malcolm around Thea, let alone ASK her to have him in her home when she’s made it incredibly clear that she hates him and wants nothing to do with him? Why wouldn’t Laurel immediately call Oliver out on something like that and/or offer Thea somewhere else to stay?)

The man knelt in the middle of the roof, hands up surrendering. A trick arrow bound his legs to the ground and Oliver had two arrows notched at him, just to be sure.

“Malcolm Merlyn, you have failed this city.”

A red figure swung onto the roof. Roy was coming towards them, his bow too raised at Merlyn.

“Ah, come on, you’re not going to kill me. You’re not a killer, Oliver. You showed that when you faced Ra’s al Ghul. To be honest I thought you were dead,” Merlyn said, his voice still light, although there was something else with it.

“So did a lot of people,” Roy said. “You can take some comfort in knowing you weren’t the only one who was wrong.”

Then another figure slipped from the shadows, silently making their way to Merlyn. It looked like a girl but in the darkness he wasn’t sure. The blue hoodie she wore, torn on one side, muddled her frame and obscured her face. As she turned to Merlyn his eyes grew wide and for the first time something like fear crossed his face.

“You have failed this city, father, but most importantly you have failed me,” the girl said and for a moment he didn’t recognize it was Thea, her voice cracked and broken. How had she found them? “I came to you for strength and comfort, to learn how to take care of myself, and you turned me into a killer. You made me murder a friend and then you almost killed my brother. You will answer for your crimes by the justice of the League of Assassins.”