Makya Headcanon.

After Reese pulls enormous strings to grant Makya’s fondest wish, the Elleskhavar comes to a conclusion he finds atrocious: he may be in love with Nilai’s boyfriend. Either that or he’s thoroughly moved by Reese’s tenderness towards him.

Gravely worried, Makya confides in someone that became his platonic soulmate over time, Sonomi. Not at all interested in entertaining possible feelings for Reese, he tells her he’s considering speed dating in an attempt to get rid of ‘poison that’ll destroy everything’. Moved by how Makya feels like he’s committing a crime punishable by death, Sonomi sets him up on a blind double date, with her and her boyfriend.

Much to Makya’s and Nomi’s great relief, Makya and the other guy make a genuine connect. The Elleskhavar keeps his puppy crush on Reese but is thoroughly relieved by not being in love with him.

Kisses Sonomi in thanks.

And then, when you assume you have seen everything that is left to be seen, something like this appears in front of your eyes. You hardly remember how did you archieve such an state of things. With a reckless demostration of will you focus and try to scavenge over the fog of what your thoughts have just become, to find something like, who knows, the meaning of life. But then, you give up. It’s okay, at least you tried. But the brain damage obtained from this one is just unbearable. I mean, just look at this.

‘You’ve got me so high, so that I cannot feel the fire’: Nero ‘Promises’ lyrics

Nilai’s Physical Muse: Minato Arisato from the Persona series.

Nilai moves out of his childhood home and begins college life in Las Vegas, not knowing the adventures that await him. From the moment he sets his feet on Vegas soil, the tides quicken. Dreams set in, leading him towards the greatest friendships he’ll ever have-and the greatest love story ever told.

Nilai’s a straightforward, budding journalist with a heart as pure as untainted rain. Is a father figure towards his friends. Has a strong, confident exterior but his tender, anxious side is shown whenever life throws curveballs he can’t catch.

Occupation: Student. Journalism Major. Also works part-time in Wake Up Coffee House, alongside Makya.

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Wake Up, Soul: Reboot: May 1st 2015

Nilai Luzige Kirryn, a young college student, begins a new life in the enormous city of Las Vegas, Nevada. It is there he finds friends, discovers himself and discovers something that shakes his world to the core: his soul mate. It is through that bond a new world is born, one filled with love, light and dreams.

Starring: Nilai Kirryn, Chrysanthemum Haleshire, Rhiannon and Brianna Dalmasca, Sonomi Liah Avana, Makya Tei Elleskhavar, Russell Lowell

Nilai and Makya Headcanon.

After Reese grants a wish Makya fought tirelessly for, Nilai observes his close friend’s body language and speech towards the Lowell. Makya is even more awkward around the soldier than he previously was, not at all the cool, prissy bookworm he usually is.

Even when Makya begins dating someone else, the actions are easy to note. “You aren’t being fair, pal,” Nilai tells him, seeing the look on Makya’s face as Reese walks off somewhere with Nomi, during a weekend outing. Makya is instantly confused but Nilai has caught him red-handed.“You aren’t being fair to yourself, Reese, me or the poor sap you’re going out with.”

A flustered Makya vehemently denies his friend’s accusations, which only confirms Nilai’s suspicions, as Makya has forbidden himself to lie-and is horrible at it as a result. Very warmly, and with great understanding, the Kirryn tells him there’s nothing wrong with him loving the Lowell, because of how Makya cherishes his friendships. Moved by how Makya would never sever their connection, Nilai trusts his friend’s restraint, and tells him he’d be better off being honest with himself. ‘He probably knows something anyway,’ Nilai says of Reese.

Makya then confesses to Nilai and (very shyly) to Reese, following up the confession with super passionate promises to continue everything as is. Both accept everything warmly and happily.

With that cleared, Makya actually feels worlds better-even about the guy he’s dating.

Makya Headcanon.

Makya, as one of a slaughtered race’s few survivors, is on the receiving end of savage racism. He says nothing to his friends but the discrimination makes him feel less than human, and it wounds him. Badly.

Reese treats him to lunch one afternoon and comes across one of Makya’s bullies from the university. Being a close friend of Makya’s, Nilai’s boyfriend and a Global Ambassador through out his CRI travels all compelled the Lowell to slug the beast. Reese followed the punch up with an equally powerful verbal beating.

Makya then did something he had forbidden himself to do for years-cry. In Reese’s arms. Carrying his culture’s history, the direct attacks against him and loneliness pushed him to weep. Reese held him until he was finished, and connected with Makya on a spiritual level right then, as he reminded him of how many CRI soldiers suppress their pain-a certain Lowell included.

‘The future of my people rests on my shoulders. SOMEONE has to fight for them.’

Makya’s Physical Muse: Calintz from the game Magna Carta. Makya has darker skin.

Makya attends college with Nilai, Nomi and Chrys. Is one of the remaining members of a butchered race, and fights tirelessly to honor his lineage. Wants to immortalize his people and culture before everything is lost, forever. Is the victim of brutal discrimination, which makes him feel less than human, but is protected by his friends.

Makya is one of Nilai’s journalism classmates. The two of them initially clash like titans, but eventually become very close friends. Even after Nilai’s family grows, Makya is only ever comfortable around Nilai and is the least comfortable around Reese, whom he has a puppy crush on. Completely loses his stuffy, bookish composure around the Lowell.

Bookworm. Stuffy, indignant and short-tempered. Has a loving, broken heart underneath his puffy exterior.

Working to become a journalist to restore his people’s honor.

Makya uses his journalism skills to research the CRI organization. Warns Nilai of the trauma Reese is suffering from, and hiding.

May 3rd 2015. Wake Up Soul Reboot Canons: End of the Dream.

Shortly after Ronan barely avoids being killed, the family receives another violent jolt of news-Reese is a week away from deployment. The Lowell reveals that he spent the year with them on a leave of absence, and is ready to be deployed again in what CRI hopes to be the final showdown against the world’s darkest threat. Chrys, Ronan, Bria, Makya, Rhia and Sonomi are crushed beyond words by the news, but Nilai is unreadable.

Nilai eventually cuts through the tears with a poison laced butcher knife. His quiet quickly becomes an avalanche of tears, grief, panic and wrath, all unleashed against the heartbroken Lowell. Nilai tells him ‘you’re not going anywhere without me’ but is engorged with anger and pain. Reese tries to embrace him but the final blow is delivered, by a furious Nilai giving an order: “Don’t you dare! Don’t touch me!” It’s the only time Nilai lashes out at him with anything less than warm, overpowering love.

Nilai tears away from everyone and soon vanishes, without a trace.

Wake Up Soul Forevermore: Random Canons.

Makya’s boyfriend eventually breaks up with him, not at all happy with the way Makya looks at Reese. The breakup is quiet and friendly, but Makya finally acknowledges he loves the Lowell just as Nilai does. He also loves Nilai with equal fervor, loves Reese as a friend and would NEVER jeopardize any friendship.

Chrysanthemum has plenty of admirers, men and women, but initially keeps putting off love because of schoolwork. Once Nilai and Reese’s relationship deepens, Chrys vows to put off love until his Reese comes along, jealous and in awe of the beautiful relationship between his precious friends.

Chrys develop a strong friendship with Rhiannon, who becomes his platonic soulmate.

Sonomi’s boyfriend is a sweet, kind-hearted writer she met on lunch, while he was waiting for his agent to show. She caught him writing, asked about it and several days later, he sent her a love letter.

  • (Setting:Sunday afternoon. Sunny day. Reese has brought his father, Russell, along for the weekend outing. Everyone except Nilai is happy to meet him.)
  • Makya:NILAI! (nudges him in the ribs) Where are your manners?!
  • Nilai:(cheeks blood red, heart pounding) Frozen. In outer space.
  • Russell:It's quite all right, son. I don't mean to scare you. I'm just an old codger with no bite. And there's actually something I mean to talk to you about. (Nilai's entire face turns blood red) My son has told me all about how close you two have become, and how much you mean to him. I'd like to-
  • (Nilai jumps up, incredibly nervous, bows and speaks very quickly.)
  • Nilai:I'm sorry, sir, but I can't marry your son yet because I'm just some loser working on his bachelor's degree and working part time in a coffee shop and if I married him right now it would be the WORST decision I've ever made because I'd be dragging him down! I can't marry him until I've finished with this school bullshit and become rich enough to be the husband he needs! Please forgive me sir!
  • (Silence. For Nilai, it's excruciating. Face burning, he bows his head and skulks off, visibly mortified.)
  • Nilai:I'll just go outside and die now. Nice meeting you, sir.