Final for my digital illustration class. This works best printed out. XD I am happiest with Pierce and least happy with Rose. zjshdklajsgdlk I really need to practice with her hair a lot more. gosh.

The backside will just have my info + my logo/watermark

The point of this is I wanted to promote that I can draw a bunch of different things, while also showing off some of my characters.

I haven’t drawn shorty or Makya in a while. haha.

Also, this is my favorite style to use… so I really just need to use it a lot more often. (Cel-shading, anyways).
I also need to continue to play with cel shading to make it even better. There’s still some tricks I wanna try out.
I am happy with this over all~

Now just the comic left to do!

sasukeuchihafucker said:

pssst ten headcanons about team tardis in its hey day when it had like ten people and a dragon


  • okay first off oswin has never really recovered from the loss of like literally everyone besides her and ten which is why she continually invites people to stay on the TARDIS for awhile
  • there were times when oswin and ten especially would get sO CAUGHT UP IN SCIENCE-Y THINGS that they’d just rapid-fire back and forth to each other and no one would be able to understand them and donna and makya would complain loudly in the corner
  • donna and makya were probably p tight like not as close as oswin and makya but still
  • oswin let makya sleep on her bed almost every night and would just kind of casually curl up to her and sleep
  • the room next to oswin’s is still a massive sand pit btw
  • there were times when like everyone would just chill in the console room or one of the other rooms on the TARDIS and just kind of like. talk and hang out and shit
  • team TARDIS pool parties tho
  • team TARDIS karaoke nights tho
  • whenever they would go anywhere outside the TARDIS it would just be absolute chaos and everyone running in different directions tbh
  • like ten was kind of the appointed leader but i’m p sure eleven probably tried to usurp the position a few time
  • also it is a fact in time and space that most important monuments and artifacts were in fact completely obliterated by makya at some point
  • oswin and makya occasionally attempted rescue missions by dive-bombing which probably contributed to that headcanon up there
  • rose and ten were teased mercilessly
  • mercilessly
  • that one time in rome happened when team TARDIS was a massive group. full disclosure of what actually happened that one time in rome never happened and never will
  • this was a lot more than ten headcanons but oh well

And then, when you assume you have seen everything that is left to be seen, something like this appears in front of your eyes. You hardly remember how did you archieve such an state of things. With a reckless demostration of will you focus and try to scavenge over the fog of what your thoughts have just become, to find something like, who knows, the meaning of life. But then, you give up. It’s okay, at least you tried. But the brain damage obtained from this one is just unbearable. I mean, just look at this.