So there’s something similar to the Bechdel Test called the Mako Mori Test, inspired by Pacific Rim. To pass the Mako Mori test, the work requires:

  1. at least one named female character
  2. who gets her own character arc
  3. that is not about supporting a man’s story

Now, Naruto passes the Bechdel Test easily within the first few chapters/episodes (see Sakura and Ino’s introduction), but it doesn’t pass the Mako Mori Test. Not with the two main female characters, Sakura and Hinata.

I’m not denying that Sakura undergoes tremendous growth over the course of the story — but all of it is to support Naruto and Sasuke’s respective character arcs. I think a lot of us Sakura fans have gotten so bogged down in our own wishful thinking that we tend to forget that actual canon Sakura is nothing like the well-rounded, well-developed, inherently feminist role model we want her to be:

  • The Sakura we want is a strong-willed, yet kind and compassionate character who wishes to grow stronger and improve herself for herself — supporting and catching up to Naruto and Sasuke come as a natural byproduct. She’s far from a perfect person, but she’s someone we can root for as she pushes out of mediocrity thrust upon her by her all too normal heritage, past all conceivable boundaries, into something truly amazing.
  • Canon Sakura, on the other hand, has little agency or purpose outside supporting and catching up to Naruto and Sasuke. She initially resolves to better herself to support Naruto and bring back Sasuke, but she never really grows out of that, never wants anything for herself. And after all is said and done, after she barely reaches Naruto and Sasuke’s level, the very last thing we see her do in the manga, the only thing we see her do in the epilogue at all is… you know where this is going, and that particular debate isn’t the main focus of this argument.

With Hinata, we have almost the opposite problem. When we were first introduced to her, we saw a painfully shy little girl shut out by her father because she wasn’t as strong as he wanted her to be, and absolutely despised by her older, much stronger cousin for something over which she had no control. All she wanted was to push past all of that, become something her father could be proud of, a strong leader that could ensure that branch members of her clan like Neji would no longer have to suffer — and it was Naruto’s optimism, his courage that just so happened to inspire her to work toward that goal.

But after a certain point, all of that changed. Hinata no longer wanted anything beyond supporting Naruto — nothing we, the readers, could see. And just like that, her entire character was trivialized to a few superficial character traits and, surprise surprise, her desire to support Naruto.

By the epilogue, Sakura’s one defining feature became her devotion to Sasuke, and Hinata’s one defining feature became her devotion to Naruto. This isn’t a comment on the endgame pairings — rather that Sakura and Hinata, who absolutely should have passed by the sheer virtue of being the two female leads, spectacularly failed the Mako Mori Test.

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The Leak’s most recent plot: interfere with the war against the kaiju.

Words: 932, Chapters: 2/2, Language: English

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"Mako braced her forehead on her hands and squeezed her eyes shut. She could still see Yancy Becket standing next to her, entering commands over and over."

Or: A collection of stories on what happens when a pilot dies in a Jaeger.

Words: 14624, Chapters: 4/4, Language: English

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Chapters: 22/?
Fandom: Pacific Rim (2013)
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Relationships: Hannibal Chau/Newton Geiszler, Newton Geiszler & Hermann Gottlieb
Characters: Newton Geiszler, Hannibal Chau, Hermann Gottlieb, Mako Mori, Tendo Choi, Vanessa Gottlieb, Raleigh Becket
Additional Tags: Jaegercon Bingo, Slow Build, Shatterdome Family, Background Relationships, Background relationships include Hermann/Vanessa, WARNING: THIS TAG GIVES EXAMPLES OF ABLEIST LANGUAGE: e.g. ‘idiot’ and ‘moron’, Warning: Hannibal and Hermann use ableist language when expressing frustration with Newt, Warning: non-explicit references to Hannibal’s past use of human testing, Mild dom-sub because Hannibal Chau, First Time, Some potentially upsetting references to WMDs

Hannibal Chau is, apparently, not dead. And kind of funny. And good to work with. And also terrifying, but also kind of not, and that’s really weird but also pretty cool. This is, apparently, Newt’s life. At least there’s a metric ton of interesting work to be done, reasonably cushy funding (goodbye, Jell-o, hello actual chocolate) and a lab partner who is, surprisingly, kind of a ride-or-die badass.

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Raleigh convinces Chuck to dress as the Ambiguously Gay Duo for Halloween.

Words: 706, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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characters w/ my newly discovered mtbi type

but yeah im sad to see enfp go but this change is welcome if it means im the same type as Manolo like srsly holy shit

i didnt expect the dye to be this dark :/ idk how i feel about it. im going to put mako mori streaks in it tomorrow but pinkish blonde

Because not only is her emotional arc indisputably the center of the film, the story also validates her choices. She wants to be a pilot because she knows she can do it. And she’s right. She’s the best dang pilot anyone has ever seen. She wants to be the one to go fight this Kaiju? Turns out that, yeah, she’s the only one that can kill it. Mako is pretty much always right, and she’s not afraid to make herself known. She’s not afraid to call it like she sees it, all while being incredibly kind and respectful.

Heck, the movie makes it very clear that Mako and Pentecost have a relationship that is built not on obedience but trust and respect. Even when she considers going against his wishes, Mako understands and honors what Pentecost has done for her. She completely subverts the expectation that the emotionally damaged hero in an action movie has to be a loud, abrasive, rule-breaking white guy. She’s none of those things, and she’s still damn heroic.

Now, the movie does get a little bit of flack sometimes for having Mako not be the one in the end to pull the trigger. Instead, Mako’s oxygen is damaged and she’s jettisoned to the surface while Raleigh detonates the bomb and barely survives. They say that this indicates that Raleigh was the hero of the film all along. But I disagree with that. I think that while what Raleigh does is heroic, it doesn’t negate Mako’s heroism earlier. And I think that there’s something very powerful and important in the fact that the movie establishes Mako as the character who is definitely going to survive. Because Mako has to survive. She’s the hero, and she’s the one who’s going to rebuild the world.

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Recently, my father brought me a few old albums and…

In 1998 (at age 17 * ),  the year where Raleigh Becket was born; I had blue streaks in my hair for my prom!  :  D

*Note: In Quebec, there’s 6 years of Primary School, 5 years of Secondary School (High School), 2 to 3 years of Cégep (College), and then University.  So if you think I’m a little young for my Prom, that’s why!  ;  )

Continuing to try and do some sort piece of artwork a day now as I fall back into something I’ve severely missed doing. Today it’s Mako Mori from Pacific Rim. I spent the afternoon watching F1 racing with my friend and her parents who are visiting, not a fabulous visit so far from what I know, so I kind of unofficially drew this for her because she loves PacRim and its the fandom I’ve been falling into that has made me want to draw the most.

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Five times people thought Raleigh and Yancy were fucking, plus one time Yancy and Raleigh can’t believe people really think that.

allriennecett asked:

Hmm-- choose between Claudia Donovan and Mako Mori because they have similar hair. xD

thank you friend xD

well probably i harbor more fondness for Claudia because i’ve seen more of her but on the other hand Mako is really cool.

[distressed noises] fine i’m gonna go with Claudia