Everything about this was amazing, from sad and so-close-to-broken Usagi and solo Venus to mama bear Mako practically carrying Ami and Rei, the singing, the power of Love and Friendship, Usagi getting into full Determinator mode. EVERYTHING. No caps can do it justice, truly.

They really put these girls through some sort of singing boot camp, though. Their improvement since La Reconquista is amazing.

I think it’s fantastic that the show let Mako be the grace and the strength of the Senshi. Between this and her ballroom dancing a few episodes ago, they’re making a concerted effort to show that she’s so much more than MAKO SMASH, which is a nice breakaway from body/character stereotypes. What’s more, it paints a picture of Mako as a complete warrior who, sure, is brawny enough to take your blows — but first you’ve gotta land one.




What a perfect utter sweetheart you are and just JUST FLAILING

Okay, okay, where am I starting.

Okay, let’s start with MAKO, who is just standing there, and she’s watching Usagi dance, and she’s watching Rei dance, and she’s watching Minako dance with EVERYBODY EVER. She’s so clearly — SO SO CLEARLY — the one most excited about this dance. I mean Mako went all the fuck OUT, you know? She probably made dress herself (since the impression is that Nice Things would be hard to come by in Mako’s size). Now I can’t sew for shit but I’m gonna go ahead and say you probably can’t spit that out overnight. So she’s been working like crazy on this drop-dead dress and she looks fucking amazing.

All the girls sweep into the gym, and you know that Usagi and Chibi-Usa drug Mamoru out to the dance floor IMMEDIATELY. Rei probably didn’t get more than five steps in before she had a guy asking her to dance. Minako was a mere five steps behind THAT, and as she’s walking to the floor with her guy, she beckons over a second who’s looking on like, “Oh there is enough of me for you both, bring it.”

But poor Mako, she’s all self-conscious, and so she slinks to the wall and looks like she’s kind of trying to phase through it, but she wants a dance SO BADLY, and my heart is breaking.


And here’s what gets me, because these two girls look out for each other. You easily see it with Mako all the time. I could fill this post with endless images of Mako looking out for Ami, protecting her. It’s in Mako’s nature, we know that already, she would and does protect anyone. But there’s something special about Ami. From pretty much their first moment, Mako is drawn to Ami. She’s always nearby, not just to protect her physically in battle, but emotionally outside of it too. You do NOT fuck with Ami while Mako is around. And she and Usagi would vie for title of Ami’s Biggest Cheerleader. Again, it all makes sense. That’s Mako’s nature. Her entire bearing screams “protector”, and Ami is physically (and power-wise) the weakest, and emotionally the most fragile. It’s no surprise to see that from her.

BUT AMI. Because Ami is EVERY SINGLE BIT as protective back to Mako.

Ami knows how deeply Mako feels everything, she knows how Mako’s own nature exposes her to hurt time and time and TIME again. She’s the first one to know when Mako’s getting ahead of herself, she’s the first to see danger coming because Mako’s too bull-headed to think it through. And she gets FIERCE. Nothing brings out Ami’s forcefulness like Mako in danger.

So just like in battle, how Mako keeps an eye open for Ami to make sure she’s okay, here on this dance floor, Ami’s main concern is Mako.

Then this sweetheart — this shy, soft-spoken girl — is going to throw aside every single bit of concern about what people may think or what they might say. Because if everybody there is too stupid to want to dance with the best, most beautiful girl, then who cares what they think?

Everything about Mako and Ami’s friendship is so nurturing and mutually supportive. It’s literally everything you could ever want. You two. YOU TWO.


Mako’s initial reaction to sensing someone’s near her is with complete aggression. It just guts me. This is a girl used to her only interaction with people being violence. The way she spins around, the edge to her voice. I completely believe that Mako’s been victim of more than one sneak attack in her time.

(So let’s for a second consider, after a young life already full of violence and people wanting to get the best of her however they possibly can, just how amazing she must feel when she realizes she’s got four sisters that she can trust utterly to watch her back.)

She isn’t looking for a fight, but by god, she’s ready for one.

But it’s only Usagi. Who’s scared for a second, and Mako must be used to that too.

Consider Mako’s nature. Consider her reaction to bullying. Now consider that before Usagi, she never really has a friend.

Mako should have LOADS of friends! I mean for one thing, SHE’S MAKO. Even without that, she’s probably saving two to three kids per day.

But there’s no one.

Because the kids she saves? They’re afraid of her too. They’re already skittish. Now here comes the big tough girl with the bad reputation. So what do they do? They run away. That’s why Mako expected nothing when she saved Usagi. She’s far too used to not getting anything.

Usagi though, after her initial shock, she doesn’t run. She introduces herself. She’s ALREADY not afraid of Mako. She’s utterly taken with her. With her awesome moves, and her pretty earrings, and her isolation and loneliness, and her utterly ridiculous food. Usagi saw enough four times over. This girl is someone she wants for a friend.

But the absolute killer or me? Mako scooting over. She has no reason to believe in this at all. She’s faced harshness and cruelty at every turn. She’s been through it time after time, school after school. ALONE. This is a girl living her life completely on her own without anyone in her life to care for her or support her at any step of the way.

And she scoots over. "Why don’t you join me?"

Everything you need to really know about Mako is in that moment.

She has every right to be furious with the world. She has every right to doubt everything, to have given up.

Instead, she sees a friendly face, and she scoots over.

anonymous said:

Hey Jet Wolf, sorry to pester you with something like this when your inbox is already full of stuff but I was wondering if you could name a few of the better Makoto themed episodes. (Her debut excluded of course) Thank you for your time. :o)

Oh no, share my love for Mako! Whatever shall I do??

Pretty much all of the Mako-centric episodes are good ones (versus say Minako where it’s a crapshoot), so you pretty much can’t go wrong there. You also have an added bonus where Mako tends to be fantastic and pretty prominent in Ami episodes as well (and vice-versa).

Rather than just be like “HERE IS EVERY MOMENT WHERE MAKO IS AMAZING” (because we’d be here all day), I’m scanning through the episodes I’ve seen and mentioning ones where I think she’s sufficiently prominent and amazing. Obviously this only goes through to SuperS, as I’ve yet to rewatch Stars.


Episode 25: “Jupiter, the Brawny Girl in Love”
Her debut, of course, which you mentioned, but it feels like an incomplete episode list without it.


Episode 29: “Total Chaos! The Messy Square Relationship”
The one where Mako has a huge crush on Motoki. This one is fantastic for not only showcasing Mako’s indomitable optimism about love, but her kindness, honestly, and integrity in its pursuit.


Episode 39: “Paired with a Monster! Ice Queen Mako”
The ice skating episode. A critical foundation of Mako’s blend of strength and grace.


Episode 49: “For Whom is the White Rose? The Moonlight Knight Appears”
Probably my least favourite Mako-centric episode. It’s very important, in that it gives us Shinozaki and a vital look back at when Mako’s senpai left her in the pouring rain (fuckwaffle). It’s also just heartbreaking for Usagi and Mako bonding. It’s not as tight a story as I’d like though, and tends to get fogged over with Moonlight Knight stuff. (As evidenced by the title.)


Episode 55: “Is Seijuro the Moonlight Knight? Mako-chan Falls in Love”
Mako at her love-driven best. Worth it for accidentally smacking Ami so hard her shoe flies off, her adorable determined stride, and her utter hate-on for An forever for stepping on her bento.


Episode 65: “Dispute Over Love! Minako and Mako Face Off”
Sadly sets the trend for Mako and Minako powering up at the same time, but it’s a fantastic episode. Fun, but with surprising layers, especially if you view it as I did, as this being when Minako finally, finally emotionally joins the group, and that Mako is her gateway into that.


Episode 96: “Cold-Hearted Uranus Makoto in Trouble”
I have a heard time recommending this one without caveats. There is, of course, the one-punch takedown, about which I have written excessively. More, the “no Mako don’t be gay!” angle is deeply, deeply problematic, and casts a huge shadow over this episode for me. It’s fantastic for looking at Mako struggling with her body image issues and trying to find a way to be comfortable with herself. It also is a bittersweet look at what might have been a beautiful friendship between her and Haruka. But then that stuff in the middle which … yeah.


Episode 105: “Wanting More Power! Mako-Chan’s Lost Path”
Now this one, I can recommend without reservation. I love everything about this episode. The idea of a Senshi struggling with not feeling powerful enough, her friend’s utter support of her to the point of trecking up into the mountains to find her, and  Mako’s fierce dedication to protecting those she loves. Beautiful Mako episode that pulls back the curtain around the show’s formula just enough to say “Yeah, there’s a whole mess of shit happening between the lies, go nuts.”


Episode 134: “Makoto’s Friendhip! A Girl Who Adores a Pegasus”
One of the few great SuperS episodes, this one delves into Mako’s backstory a bit. What I love so much in this episode are the glimpses we see into Mako’s pre-Usagi attitude. She’s brusque, harsh, and angry, but you can so clearly see under all that the Mako we’ll come to know and love.


Episode 147: “The Fated Partner! Makoto’s Innocence”
Just one of the best episodes of the entire show, period. It again takes a look at Mako’s boundless optimism about finding love, but it takes it even further, and then does the worst things it can possibly do. Plus, Mako and Ami dancing. Really, that alone.

This very nearly is just a list of all of Mako’s primary episodes, but as I said, she gets fantastic ones. There’s so much Mako to love.

I would also be remiss if I didn’t recommend PGSM to you. If you’ve not seen it, it’s a live action Sailor Moon from the early 2000s. It’s definitely got a cheese factor going on with the monsters and the battle, but the characterizations are absolutely impeccable. I’m only up to about Episode 15 or so, but I feel so confident in this show that I give it highest recommendation with that little watched. All of the characters are handled with incredible love, care, and understanding, and that absolutely includes Makoto. She is just amazing in this series. Everything you love about Mako, you will find proudly on display in PGSM. You’ll have to swallow back some wtfery, believe me, I know. It is absolutely worth it.

And for more Mako love, or to find other Mako-centric scenes and episodes, I recommend my tag #mako you are all that is good in the world. There is just so, so much amazing Mako stuff outside of just these handful of episodes.

Makoto Kino, everybody.






Rounding out the Inners, we have this gifset of Makoto being so amazingly badass. You need to take a moment to absorb every single one of these and marvel. She’s just caught one of these little shits cold, it’s snarling in her face, it’s causing her to DIG INTO THE GROUND, and still she refuses to get out of its way.

Until she just FLINGS THE FUCKER.

Mako-chan, you are a goddess and I adore you.

And if you’d like all this with more words, here’s the original post, now updated with the gifs. In conclusion: MAKOTO KINO.


I’m not even a tiny bit worried about Mako agreeing to this. There is no force on earth that, within the space of a three-minute conversation, is going to convince Mako to turn her back on her friends. There’s nothing that could be offered to her, no dream anyone could show her to make her walk away from them.

But I really, really love the image that MirrorMako is presenting.

One of my favourite things about Mako (and there are so, so many favourite things about Mako) is her dichotomy. She’s a blend of traditionally masculine and feminine traits, and she has a clear line (which she has drawn herself) between those parts. She is tall and powerful, but gentle and graceful. She will punch one person in the face and bake another a cake. She is an aggressive protector and a supportive nurturer.

And I really like that MirrorMako is playing to just one part of that, the part that Mako feels she lacks. MirrorMako is all soft-spoken words and smiling charm and pink ruffles. She extends her hand to Mako, and promises her everything.

But Mako can’t simply be this. She already IS more this than she realizes, but even if she weren’t, she could never agree. She would sacrifices too much of herself to get there. Mako’s actual dream is to have EVERYTHING. She will, one day, feel comfortable arranging flowers in frilly pink dresses, and then be at her friend’s side punching lightning down an enemy’s throat. That is the true Mako, a full union of herself, not a one-sided trade.

But in the meantime, I am loving the delighted unassuming smile that promises happiness. If only you give up, Mako. All you have to do is give up.


Mako though, you guys. MAKO.

Out of everyone, EVEN HARUKA THANK YOU, Mako’s the only one actually doing well in this massive onslaught. KILLING IT WITH HER FISTS, BY THE WAY, like she got that “power phrases take too long fuck that” when nobody else did.

And what takes her down? Ami getting the snot beaten out of her, which Mako notices when she SPECIFICALLY LOOKS AROUND to try to see how Ami is doing, then goes to protect her and gets ambushed.

I. Love. Everything. In. This.

The only way anything is EVER gong to take Mako down is her protecting the people she loves. It’s her greatest strength and greatest weakness, every single time.



I was wondering where our Mako moment was. We’d had perfect character moments for everybody , but none for Mako, and my confidence in this writer is SO HIGH that I knew it had to be around here somewhere.


Mako and her unwavering belief in her friends is one of the things I love best about her. So while Hotaru is upset and saying that they should just save Chibi-Usa and forget about her, Usagi, Minako and Rei are trying to cheer her up. Don’t be silly. You mean so much to Chibi-Usa, she’d never want you to be left behind. They get to the undercurrent of what Hotaru is saying, address her feeling that Chibi-Usa is worth more than she is.

Mako takes a different approach though, and I am SO IN LOVE WITH THIS MOMENT I HAVE ALMOST LOST MY ABILITY TO WORD.

Sure, this is a tough situation. It’s unlike any we’ve faced before, and we’re making it up as we go along. But that stuff you’re worried about Hotaru? About having to choose between you? Pffft, that is so not an issue.

Because this girl right here? This quiet blue-haired girl with the funny glasses? This is my friend Ami. What you need to know about Ami is that there is NOTHING she can’t do. Ami’s the best and smartest person in the entire world. So you just trust me on this. We’re all gonna go home. Every one of us. Because this is my friend Ami, and she’s amazing.

And the clap on her shoulder. It’s so forceful that Mako literally makes Ami stumble a little beneath it. There’s SO MUCH in that gesture. Sure there’s Mako’s strength and how she kind of still doesn’t realize how powerful she is. But more than that, it’s all of Mako’s love for Ami, all of her faith in her. Right there, in that moment, manifesting physically. She believes SO STRONGLY in what she’s saying that she just can’t tone it back any more than this, it’s impossible.

DROWNING, I am DROWNING in Mako and Ami feels.



"Oops well I broke the shit out of that, Uhm, here?"

I love how nothing about Mako comes across the same as she was just a second ago.

From this, all suspicion and fierceness and action:


to this, cute and sheepish and friendly:


And they are both her in every single way.


Also how adorable is her mirror?


Shut the fuck UP.


Mako’s speech, way less words than Rei’s, but that just makes it more perfect. Like they’re about to go on, but unlike their other speeches, they haven’t prepped this one.

"Look at that audience! They’re expecting a show and we have to give them one!"

"That’s right! It’s our duty as soldiers of love and entertainment!"

"But we didn’t rehearse!"

"That’s okay, we’ll just speak from the heart!"

"But all my heart knows right now is ‘Poor lovely Snow White ate the poisoned apple and—’"

"That’s the play, Mako-chan."


"Stop worrying, it’ll be easy! You’re Sailor Jupiter! Get out there and tell them who Sailor Jupiter is!"

And Mako’s panicking and basically can only think “I’m really strong and I throw lightning.” So that’s what she says.


Point 1: Mako breaking out of her ice prison.

Point 2: Mako is not transformed when she does this.

Point 3: Ami caused the ice, trusting Mako would break free of the daimon.

Point 4: Transformed Senshi and non-transformed Senshi teamwork.

Point 5: Jet Wolf cheers in real life because it’s all too awesome to contain.