storytime with mama naoki

When Mako first discovered his firebending, he burnt his own eyebrows off so they’d look like his mama’s. They never properly grew back. 


Figured I should post some close ups and the lineart for that Legend of Korra Tribute I did a couple weeks back. Yes, Mako and Bolin both have one leg that’s because it was going to get covered up anyway. Work smarter not harder.

I do have a print of this up and ready to go in my store if anyone was interested! The print, of course, will be watermark free.

I got these for you, Prince Wu.

M-Mako…you shouldn’t have.

I wanted to. C’mon, we’ve got a reservation at Kwong’s. I know how you like your octopus fritters.

Prince Wu and Mako on a date!

Mako knows Wu likes big, bright, bold colours, so he got him a rose for each colour in the rainbow (and then some). This is their first official date; Mako turned to Wu for advice and companionship when Korra and Asami went off on their vacation in the Spirit World, and during that time, the firebender and nonbender became close. 

Eventually, the chemistry between them developed from platonic to romantic. They grew to love each other, much like Korra and Asami, and now can’t wait to tell them the good news once their favourite girlfriends are back from the Spirit World.

I’m just a sucker for cute blushing boys. This is my first real contribution (in terms of art) to the Wuko ship, so yay! It’s also my favourite piece of mine so far. 

Likes/reblogs appreciated. I didn’t work two days over this for nothin’! :P

I have other versions, so maybe I’ll upload them too.

I hope you enjoy!!! :)

Private Detective Mako (Pilot) "The Hunt" 1/?

I’ve got parts 1-3 written so let’s just start this thing OK!

"The Hunt"
Adapted by Solarbird the Lightbringer from Peter Gunn, “The Hunt,”
original story by Blake Edwards, original teleplay by Lewis Reed

197 AG
Republic City
週五, the fifth day, the first of the weekend, we’ll call it Friday, an act in three parts.

Part 1:

"Got a light?"

The thin, vaguely watery woman in a glittery cloak called over to Mako from the sidewalk outside the club, cigarette in hand, voice sharp against the muffled sound of jazz from the stage. Mako cocked an eyebrow and smiled, just a little. “I suppose so.”

The grey-eyed woman stepped over and leaned in, and the private detective bent a tiny, controlled flame. Light flashed against the quartz stones in the fabric as she lit her cigarette.

"They’re coming for you, Mako. Tomorrow night."

Mako started, the tiny flame flickered, and out. “What? Who is? Who’s coming for me?”

She stepped away, one step, then three. “They’ll kill me if they know I told you,” she said, retreating back towards the curb. “Tomorrow night,” and melted into the crowd.

Hesitating but alert, Mako tried to watch the woman as she fled, as Wu popped out of the performer’s side entrance and grabbed his arm. “Mako, doll! You’re about to miss my first set! You can’t do that!”

No sign of her. She’d vanished into the nightlife. “I’m afraid I’ll have to, Wu. Suddenly I have some people to see.”

Wu pouted, briefly. “A client?” he asked, and got a nod in return. “Well, fine. Second set is always better anyway. But don’t be late.”

"I won’t."

to be continued

Korrasami shipper: The Legend of Korra had wroten the story that looks the obvious endgame will be Korrasami.

Makorra shipper: The Korrasami shipper overthink and make a platonic a lot.

Nickelodeon: “Korrasami is endgaming”

Korrasami shipper: Hey Makorra shipper, we hate to be the one to tell you this but WE TOLD YOU SO!

Makorra shipper: They are just good friends like us and they are not canon.

Bryke: “Korrasami confirmed”

Korrasami shipper: WE TOLD YOU SO! we said outside the house as we smiled and threw our hands into the air then jump and overjoycrying.