Making Stuff Up

So, dawn it is. Hahaha, how defining that is. To people of far away realms it’s just another morning like any other. They’ll go about their day and live happily, but for those soldiers out there it’s the defining point of their whole existence. Boys become men and the simple farm dweller becomes a soldier. Forced to fight to keep all they hold dear, for all they love, all they know, and for those lucky enough to enjoy what they couldn’t. A sacrifice they’d readily give for the sake of others. That is a man. MORE than a man. More than any deity! The selflessness of humans astonishes me sometimes. They could just roll over and allow a new master to reign over the land. No they go into this knowing full well what is at risk not for themselves, but for people they will never know.

Stuff to Say

It’s terrifying, really. If you think I’m not scared you’re mistaken. Only a fool wouldn’t be scared. The difference between the frightened sheep down there and me is I don’t let this fear control me, I allow it to guide me as I will guide you and them through these dark times. THAT is what makes a strong leader. Using your fear; making it work FOR you in the fight to survive, not fighting it while fighting the world around you.