Iris isn’t dumb or icky, but with Eddie now privvy to Barry’s secret, she’s the only person in the considerably sized cast who has no idea of the truth. Every man in her life is working in tandem to keep a fairly important secret from her – and one that, at this point, she has a definite right to know. The condescending paternalism of every man in the cast just shot through the roof, making them all look like assholes and making her look kind of wifty and out of it for being so easy to fool. This is something that needs to be rectified pronto. We realize the writers probably want to draw out the secret identity thing for a while longer because it creates classic sexual tension, but they’ve written themselves into a corner now. This is the one major mistake in the writing and it really needs to be fixed soon because it’s ruining characters the longer it goes on. Girlfriend needs to tell all these men in her lives to go to hell and go find herself a nice boy who gets her motor running and doesn’t think lying is an acceptable form of communication. At this point, we’d cheer her on if she decided to become a supervillain. Put her in spandex and have her lower all those lying men in her life into a vat of acid or something. She’d be justified.
—  Tom and Lorenzo hitting the nail on the head in their review of the latest Flash episode, “Tricksters”.

I was just at this life drawing class for animators and its totally silent but I thought of that fuckin “when u nut but she keep suckin” post, and I just start laughing, but like, not loud enough for anyone to hear, just enough so that my friend sees my face down in my sketchbook and my shoulders shaking and I hear him just start laughing too, he has no idea why, and no idea that I’m laughing at something so goddamn dumb, and somehow the fact that it’s totally silent makes it all THAT much funnier

I’m gonna clean these up and all (lol crooked panels, click to actually be able to read it maybe lmaoooo) but I figure it’s fitting posting this on April 1st? I really like the idea of one of those two writing gullible on the ceiling for the eventuality to use that dumb prank on the other~✨

so i had actually asked jared to like hug the picture & to feel free to be a bit silly but i guess he was just too excited; like i don’t think he even heard anything i said once i handed it over lmao. jensen was pretty amused which was fun and even though i talked more to jared, it was jensen who was all attentive and sweet and got us into position and all that good stuff :)

Jared was still fiddling around with the picture when i was about to leave and it didn’t seem like he was ready to give it back just yet loll so i told him he could hang onto it if he wanted but……..i had absolutely no idea it would lead to this:


AU: Stiles and Allison meet online and become friends real fast. Eventually, she finds his old Youtube videos and they talk every day. At some point they become more and one day, Allison announces that she’s actually gonna visit him. Friends and family fully aware of what’s going on between them are happy for them but concerned about the whole thing at the same time. In the end, everything turns out well, they have a good time and Allison is happy she finally got to meet Stiles and is a new welcomed member of the Stilinski family.

for brodie; a late birthday gift.

enjolras getting a tattoo on his lower back without telling anyone just to see how courfeyrac reacts when he finally finds it a week later

it’s just a very sudden loud screech and an even louder “combeferre you gotta sEE THIS”


I am so sorry ffix fandom

I hope you can forgive me someday