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So I just got off a very long phone conversation with Wacom…so basically they’re sending me a fixed cintiq companion 1 tablet…again. The guy said that they’re going to make sure the charger port is from one of their newer models released around after December that supposedly doesn’t have the same problem…I guess we’ll see. Anyways I talked to the supervisor and got my warranty extended incase it happens again. And I got him to agree to if this does happen then either they’ll give me all my money back or they’ll give me a cintiq companion 2…. I guess we’ll see… :/ I’m basically just taking his word on everything…not super happy with this but hey I guess if I don’t get this problem anymore with it I’ll be happy…and if it does then I’ll get my money back and go back to the intuos kind of tablet from them. I never had any problems with that one. Going to take 2 weeks to get anything back from them though. Which means if I want to draw it will be on paper or on my old ass graphire 4.


Pirates 5 directors Joachim Ronning and Espen Sandberg are preparing to film a huge set piece at the massive outdoor water tank at Village Roadshow Studios later this week.

The scene, expected to be filmed at night, will see The Flying Dutchman — a ghost ship that made its first appearance in Dead Man’s Chest under the command of the fictional captain Davy Jones — rear up and rise from the sea.

A legendary vessel that can never make port, The Flying Dutchman is doomed to sail the oceans forever. It was last captained by Bloom’s character, Will Turner, at the end of the last Pirates film, At World’s End. 

Instagram user @jazzyferris spotted Bloom picking up son Flynn at Brisbane International Airport yesterday, saying the pair went relatively unnoticed but Orlando showered the boy in kisses and cuddles.

“He was THE cutest ever kissing and cuddling him, telling him how much he missed him,” she wrote.

Images posted on Facebook last week show orders for wetsuits from Mermaid Beach business Rubber Jungle Wetsuits for both Bloom and castmate Geoffrey Rush.

The order for Bloom is tagged: “Just another name. All the Hollywood A list here. Keeping the talent warm.” 

Fishermen and divers at the Gold Coast Seaway yesterday afternoon could have been forgiven for thinking they’d just seen The Black Pearl return from a day’s filming on the high seas.

However the ghostly looking single-mast ship, which returned to port about 1.30pm was no match for Captain Jack Sparrow’s infamous 32-cannon, 165ft East Indiaman galleon.

Instead, it was the former Bundaberg-berthed replica of a 1897 Scottish trawler once known as The Rainbow Gypsy, now sailing the seas in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales as The Dying Gull.

Nicknamed “The Bondi Cigar” by Pirates 5 crew, The Dying Gull is the sinking ship from which Johnny Depp’s character Captain Jack Sparrow emerged at the start of the first movie in the series, The Curse of the Black Pearl.

The Rainbow Gypsy’s transformation into the ghostly hulk is testament to the skills of local construction crews, whose craftsmanship has been roundly praised by all involved on the massive Pirates 5 shoot.

Workers have built intricately detailed pirate ships on giant gimbal at two large outdoor studios at Helensvale, painstakingly replicating vessels featured in the four previous Pirates films and creating new, never-before-seen ships to join the fray in Dead Men Tell No Tales. 

Other scenes have been filmed on ships’ decks recreated indoors at Village Roadshow Studios.

Up to 12 different ships will be used in the latest instalment of the franchise.

The Dying Gull is expected to feature in scenes to be filmed at a new outdoor set at Doug Jennings Park.

Quick “Autumn Leaves”: Chapter 2 preview (to ensure those waiting on it that I am indeed working on it, lmao)

Encased in the arms of the woman sitting behind her, Opal smiled as she reveled in the warmth of her touch.  The pair was sitting under the same tree where Opal declared her love for Kuvira two seasons ago.

It was Spring, the angelic sight of cherry blossoms blooming all around Zaofu, Opal picked one off the ground and planted it in Kuvira’s hair.   Mesmerized by the view of the guard captain, Opal couldn’t help but gently graze her cheek then laid her lips on top of Kuvira’s.  The older woman lost herself in the embrace, Opal’s delicate touches sending her into cloud nine..


AS you can see, I have a name change! But that is evident, and not what I want to talk about.  I want to let you know of a new RP blog that joined my little family!

You know after being a badass but suave Knight Lord with knightsofsaurel and being a God of Power, scheming with his family to maintain control as the-king-maker, it was about time I started rping as someone more simple.

Thanks to my interaction with killjoy-sleuth, I have decided to make a Mun ported Muse! Meet Ed Ashton from Gentle-Knight! a Mutliverse and OC friendly muse that is essentially me! (with some slight embellishments for creative purposes).

Its a bit bare at the moment, And I will add a bit more detail, but I hope you guys like!

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they make port somewhere in the Caribbean & mandy is totally dating the woman who runs the local bar/brothel (aka svetlana), they both make sure the girls are treated w/ respect & lbr nobody messes w/ them!! mick & ian rent a room in a hotel & don't leave bed for like 36 hours, then decide to go for romantic walks along the beach, holding hands like the little gay children they are, swimming & making out in the ocean when the sun sets, relaxing before they set sail once again!!!

fuck!! mandy spending all her time at the brothel, leaning against the bar and flirting with svet and they just snicker behind their hands at all the crusty men in the place. ian and mick originally coming down for rations, but quickly retreating back into solitude bc svet’s girls hit on them when they leave the room trying to milk them for cash. boyfriends going into town half-aching from too much sex and holding hands like losers!! going skinny dipping and wrestling and playing and fucking in the ocean!! mandy and svetlana staying late at the bar to “let them back in” when ian and mickey come home late, but really spending the time fucking on all the tables. and they stay at port for way longer than they were supposed to bc they’re just babies who are really happy to relax and be happy!!

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Would Captain Milov try to kill El Dorino and his crew?

Yes. The laws for the expanse call for any pirate caught flying their colors to be put to death. Milov has actually tried to chase down El Dorino before and couldn’t catch him. It makes him staying in Port Grayson particularly dangerous. 

Updated: 15 best PC games: the must-play titles you can’t afford to miss: Introduction The PC is either making a comeback or never went away in the first place, depending on who you ask. Whichever camp you’re in, a deluge of triple-A titles, virtual reality and (whisper it) decent console ports make picking the PC over the Xbox One or PS4 a no-brainer. Whether you’re a mouse-and-keyboard diehard […]

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Current Date and Time: Thursday May 21 6:31 PM

Birthday: June 17th

Average amount of sleep: 8-7 hours

Lucky Number(s):  3

Last thing I googled: That quote from Orange Is The New Black: “I wanted to eat the chicken that was smarter than all the other chickens and absorb it’s powers”.

First word that comes to mind: Princess

One place that makes you happy: Port Campbell, Victoria. and my bedroom :)

Favourite characters: Killian Jones (OUAT), Emma Swan (OUAT), Annabeth Chase (PJO), Percy Jackson (PJO), Tony Stark (Avengers), Phil Coulson (AOS), Skye (AOS), the list goes on and on and on

Favourite food: Fish and Chips, Chocolate

Favourite drink: Iced Tea, Iced Coffee, Hot Chocolate with cinnamon and cream :)

Favourite book: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Favourite TV shows: Once Upon a Time, Parks and Recreation, Agents of SH.I.E.L.D, Agent Carter, The 100

Last movie I saw in theaters: Pitch Perfect 2

Last holiday: Just got back from school camp? Does that count? It was down in The Otways. 

Dream holiday: Going Stevenson, Vancouver to watch OUAT being filmed for a couple weeks (and meet the cast!), then to New York, California (to go to Disneyland!), then to London, Ireland, Paris, Iceland (don’t know why Iceland. Just imagine living your whole life, and saying you have never been to Iceland. I’m weird, I know). 

Dream wedding: Simple, pretty, intimate. Probs just the two of us tbh, or a very small amount of people, haha. My dress will be super pretty though. And the cake better be good. Also, I want fairy lights in trees at some point. And slow dancing. 

Dream job(s): Actress! Anything and everything to do with theatre, movies, television, acting, media, etc. And if that doesn’t work out, teaching :)

Zodiac: Gemini

Myers-Briggs: INFP

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