• Cuddling by a fire and things get heated

(not edited sry)

You were currently setting up the inside of your tent since its already dark outside. You and your boyfriend randomly decided to go camping in the middle of the forest and tbh you were kinda scared. When you came out of the tent you found (H/N) sitting infront of a camping fire with a few blankets and pillows on the ground.

You sat yourself down right next to him and he looked at you cheekily.

”do you like our sleeping place?”

”wait what? but we set up a tent??” you said confused trying to hide that youre scared of sleeping out in the open. He looked at you and clearly saw the fear in your eyes.

”hey, don’t worry you’ll be safe with me baby” he said while grabbing your arm to get you closer to him. You leaned your face in the crook of his warm neck, instantly feeling better.

”come ” he whispered before laying himself down and pointing you to lay on his chest and thats exactly what you did. He pulled the covers over you two and kissed your forehead before saying good night and slowly driftig of to sleep.


Your eyes opened widely when you heard some cracks and weird noises around you. All you did was trying to ignore the noises and imaginations you got from all the horror movies but you couldn’t close your eyes anymore. you were frightened and that for more then 7 minutes now you  started moving around ontop of (H/N) without noticing what you did to him.

”(Y/N) oh my- what are you doing” he asked you while looking down at his erection.

”oops sorry babe” you giggled.

He grabs your waist and quckily hovered you before pressing his lips onto yours. You took it at surprise at first but then kissed him back passionately. your hands playing with his hair while he moved down to your neck and sucking on your sweet spot harshly. Your head fell back into the pillows and you totally forgot your surroundings. He pulls off his sweatpants and his boxer allowing his boner to spring up. You took in the sight and couldnt help but let out a moan. A smirk formed across his face and he started to remove your clothes while you started palming him.  When you were  fully exposed underneath him he left a trail of kisses from your stomach moving up to your lips and lining himself up on your entrance. He looked you in the eyes asking for permission; you bit your lip in anticipation and nodded

"Don’t hold your moans in baby" he smirks as he startet pushing himself into you letting out a groan. You moan and arch your back as he starts thrusting into you.

”let me hear you”

"B-abee" you moan as you screw your eyes shut and digged your nails into his shoulders moving down to his back probably leaving deep marks. he sped up his pace making you a moaning mess underneath him.

His lips went to your neck again and slightly biting down on your shoulder as he hits your  spot with each thrust. You could feel your orgasm approaching and your walls starting to clench

“F-fuck you feel so good” he lets out in a loud moan and before you could tell him you were about to come your climax took over you. You let out his name and a few curse words which easily send him over the edge. His eyes squeezed shut, his mouth in a perfect ‘o’ shape before he bites down on his lower lip.

When you both fully came down from your highs he let himself fall right next to you. Breathing heavily as he pulls you into his side, gently kissing your forehead as he trails his hand up and down your back.

”do you feel safer now?” he asked while looking into the sky.

” yea you probably scared every creature away with your loud groans” you chuckled into his neck and he slightly pushed your shoulder.

”I Love you (Y/N)”

”I Love you two” you burried your head in his neck and you never felt safer then in this exact moment.