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With the Brady Bunch memes going around, it reminds me of drunk!Regina and Snow so much. Except, I can't decide who would be who. Regina is fabulous, but the way she's treated in Storybrooke... maybe in FTL she was Marcia, but now she's Jan lol X'D

speaking of something completely different

The only regret I’ll have when I die is that I won’t be able to enjoy the new shows and movies and books and forms of music that will come after I pass

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Tadashi is trapped as a spirit inside the ruins of the SFIT Expo Building. He doesn't know he's dead and is referred to by students as the 'Smokey-Eyes Man,' because his empty eye sockets have plumes of smoke rising out of them at all times. The only thing that can get him to move on his actually speaking with Hiro.

Send me sad headcanons of BH6 and I’ll show you my reaction with a GIF/Picture! 

let the flower be: a playlist inspired by rapunzel from into the woods

secret door - evanescence // shalott - emilie autumn // do it now - ingrid michaelson // samson - regina spektor // basket case - sara bareilles // gaslight - emilie autumn // breathe no more - evanescence // flight - sutton foster & megan mcginnis // ribbons - ingrid michaelson // rare bird - glen hansard // famous flower of manhattan - the avett brothers // blackbird - the beatles // green finch and linnet bird - sweeney todd



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yO LET’S RP EVERYWHERE i just watched black death today bc sean bean obvi and i’m p sure it should have been called bean death


that movie tho

Ned stop fighting with Melisandre and go back to Winterfell. Pull yourself together man ]