Bukowski | 40x50cm | Graphite on paper

If it doesn’t come bursting out of you in spite of everything, don’t do it.

Unless it comes unasked out of your heart and your mind and your mouth and your gut, don’t do it.

If you’re doing it for money or fame, don’t do it.

If you’re doing it because you want women in your bed,
 don’t do it.

If it’s hard work just thinking about doing it,
 don’t do it.

If you have to wait for it to roar out of you, 
then wait patiently.

If it never does roar out of you,
 do something else.

Unless it comes out of your soul like a rocket, 

unless being still would drive you to madness or suicide or murder, don’t do it.

Unless the sun inside you is burning your gut, don’t do it.

When it is truly time,
 and if you have been chosen, It will do it by itself

and it will keep on doing it until you die 

or it dies in you.

There is no other way.

And there never was.

Charles Bukowski

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Pointing out what ones feet does is not a good thing in hobbit culture, get your facts straight Thorin.

(Dedicated to Ostraciidae)



Happy birthday Amy Rose! ♡^ ▽^♡

I did want to actually draw something for her but I only found out about her birthday yesterday, so… 7 hours of pixeling was the next best option!

The sketch I reused from this post since I still really like it, despite the issues I had to fix. And there’s two versions (one with a white outline, the other with a shadow) because I am Captain Indecisive.

While working on Buk…

I was naturally a loner, content just to live with a woman, eat with her, sleep with her, walk down the street with her. I didn’t want conversation, or to go anywhere except the racetrack or the boxing matches. I didn’t understand t.v. I felt foolish paying money to go into a movie theatre and sit with other people to share their emotions. Parties sickened me. I hated the game-playing, the dirty play, the flirting, the amateur drunks, the bores.”

Charles Bukowski

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anonymous said:

haywoods I LOVE your art, it's some of my favorite RT/AH work on tumblr. would you consider drawing a King Gavin excitedly knighting Micoo to the Order of Donuts or something cute and stupid like that?


I forgot that Gavin called people “donuts” until like halfway through and wound up adding the bottom Michael after I finished the top half

growing up AU inspired by Wes Anderson: In which Louis lives far away, but visits every winter; and Zayn falls just a bit more in love each year.


written for jo zaynsmitten's birthday! my little mitten~ i hope your day is going greatly, and you don't get too wasted tonight. I know we didn't talk much about this AU and that it's mostly a surprise to you~ SO I /REALLY/ HOPE YOU ENJOY IT and keep being the totally amazing/beautiful/sweet woman that you are!