Bubbly nails with Kayleena!

I don’t have an orange polish, otherwise, this would totally be halloween material :P
I really like the way it looks though. Reminds me of the Target Logo.
Whatever. Lol!
I’m getting tired so this is probably not even half assed….it’s worse than half of a booty.

How to:
Paint nails black
Use bobby pin to make polka dots with a white polish
Use red polish with bobby pin to cover some or all of the white dots
On some of the dots put black in the middle.

Voila ;D



Jerseylicious Nails with kayleena!

Everybody does leopard print nails and I wanted too as well! They are cute and super easy to do :)

Things you’ll need:
1. light colored nail polish
2. darker nail polish than your lighter one (preferably in same color scheme for this tutorial)
3. Black/super dark brown polish/sharpie
4. one crazy color of your choice! 
5. Dotting tool, bobby pin, or toothpick.

How to: 
1. Paint the base with your lightest color
2. use your dotting tool/bobby pin/ toothpick to create uneven circles/ovals on your nails with medium color.
3. use dark color with your tool of choice to paint “C”’s around the medium colored dot. Do them wherever you want!
4. Add in your crazy color ontop of the medium color wherever you’d like!
5. Finish with clear coat.

;D Done! 


Wet ‘n’ Wild Blue Had Me Hello look no. 1 with Kayleena: Turquoise Night Out!

I picked up this palette today and you can find my review on it here:
I love it and I came up with this super easy but purdy look. ;D Excuse the really, really, REALLY crappy camera quality. Once I get home I’ll update the photos with my really nice camera. Stupid iPhones. :P
These photos seriously do not do the makeup justice :(

Anyways, this is what I did!
1. Used the “crease” dark blue shadow on the right side over my whole lid and a bit above the crease and underneath the eye.
2. Picked up the “brow bone” color on the right side to blend out the dark blue on the crease area.
3. Patted the turquoise color on the center of my lids, blending it in with the dark color. I also placed this in the middle of my lower lid and blended!
4. Lined eyes with the matte black color
5. Added some mascara. 

1. Foundation (some random stuff of my grandmas from Clinique since I didn’t bring mine :()
2. Concealer, Maybelline fit.
3. Contour and highlight Mac

1. Soft nude, Revlon
2. Strip, Jemma Kidd

1. Benefit Brow Kit 

Kat Von D Poetica Palette inspired look!

It was requested by a few of you to do some looks with the Poetica Palette! This was just a super easy one that I came up with in a few moments. As you can see, there really isn’t much skill needed to complete this!

What I used:

  • Poetica Palette
  • Black Track Fluidline Mac
  • Buxom Lash Mascara
  • UD primer potion in sin

What I did!
1. Prime them ‘balls baby, because we don’t want this look going anywhere!
2. Applied Chandler, a bronze-y orange into my crease and a bit above.
3. Blended Chandler into You Alone, a soft white color as a brow highlight.
4. Applied babe, that gorgeous duo-toned purple onto my lid with a damp brush! (I used studio fix plus from mac, you can just use some water too!)
5. Applied Shiba, a dark plummy purple into lashes and blended up. Also applied on lower lashes.
6. Took a mixture of Tijuana, a black with orange glitter, and Wonderland, a deep purple with purple glitter, and blending lightly into crease, making a near seamless transition between my lid and my brow bone!
7. Lined my eyes.
8. Added some mascara!

And voila, done! 


Vampire fangs nail tutorial with Kayleena!

Not even gonna try to make up something corny about these babies. xD They are a bit messy, they looked much better before I added the black but from a distance they were okay!

How to:
1.paint nail black.
2. Paint tip white.
3. draw your fangs and your teeth with short tiny strokes!
4. Paint on your gums and dab a bit of red on the fangs.
5. Draw around teefers with black :D and seal with top coat.