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Rankin ranks at the top!*

There was a time when makeup was simply about enhancing your natural features, but now it seems nature has nothing to do with it. Avant-garde makeup artists likeAyami Nishimura have turned cosmetics from a morning ritual to a full-blown art form, turning the face into a living canvas.

Now Nishimura is collaborating with British photographer Rankin on a fearless exhibition of faces not as they are, but as they can be. International tastemaker Rankin recently launched the magazine and web channel “Hunger,” feeding his readers and viewers art, music and barely legal starlets. The collaboration with Nishimura is Rankin’s second beauty book and will also show as an exhibition at the Rankin Gallery in LA. Part fashion spread, part fairy tale, the images show what can happen when two creative powerhouses from completely different worlds collide.