Meet my little brother Jamie, he’s 8 years old and loves to wear dresses. Tonight was the first night I’ve ever put makeup on him. This is the happiest I’ve ever seen him. His dad (my stepdad) doesn’t allow him to wear clothes like this, even if he’s just playing in the house. He says that dresses are made for girls and gay men. But my sister and I strongly disagree. Wearing dresses doesn’t mean Jamie is gay, it means that he likes wearing dresses. I want my brother to grow up knowing that it’s okay to dress however you want. The only thing I want is for my brother to be happy, like he was tonight, for the rest of his life. I just want him to be able to be himself 24/7.

(Also, thanks to haily-haley-hailey and ly-ss-a for helping me.)

i want a makeup museum

like makeup through the ages and around world. with workshops done by hairdressers and makeup artists on different types of makeup around the world through history. and workshops on how people made makeup at different points of history, down to preservation techniques and what plants were used

a section on hair styles. could be different exhibits through the year. one focusing on different countries and have workshops on how hair styles were done using the same tools of that region and period

and could even show the evolution of a type of makeup. like mascara. or how hand cream changed through the ages. ingredients that were used or what was later found toxic. 

an exhibit on the science that goes into makeup

or hair styles and wigs 

guest lecturers talking about beauty through the world. and the gift shop having replicas of makeup from different periods. like combs and makeup cases from antiquity

and even big makeup companies could have exhibits to showcase how their brand evolved throughout the ages

idk, makeup history is cool. it would be neat to have a museum that is interactive and inspiring