This is one of my close friends, Katelyn Norman. She has been battling cancer for a little over 2 years now. She has taken a turn for the worst and only has a short time left on this earth. She made a bucket list including things like, go to prom, meet Ellen, have her last kiss, etc. I ask you to please reblog and send your prayers out, there’s only so much our little town can do but it has been a lot.

New Reality TV show idea

A reality TV show called 15 men:

14 gay men are put in a house along with one straight man.

The goal of the 14 is to figure out who is the straight guy and vote him out at the nightly counsel at the end of the 15 day challenge. If they do manage to find the straight guy, 1 million dollars is split between the 14 gay men.

The goal of the straight man is to survive to the end where he alone receives 1 million dollars.

Twist: all 15 men are straight and think that they are the only straight man.

… So we get to watch 15 straight guys out-gay eachother for 15 days

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